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Should the Cardinals Hire Todd Haley?

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There is much to love about what Byron Leftwich is doing as a mentor to Josh Rosen. Make no mistake about it. Leftwich’s affable, hands-on approach is already paying handsome dividends. The rapport between the new OC and new QB1 is fabulous.

But, now that Todd Haley has been released from the Cleveland State dawg pound, what about bringing him to Arizona as an offensive consultant?

if you believe as I do that Byron Leftwich is being handcuffed by Mike McCoy’s offense—-tapping into Haley’s expertise could be a boon for the Cardinals and Leftwich at this point in time.

Haley has always been very good at mixing the run with the pass——look at the way he maximized the talents of Le’Veon Bell the last few years. Imagine what kind of packages Haley could suggest and help choreograph for David Johnson.

We know that Haley has always had a strong rapport with Larry Fitzgerald. Adding Haley as a consultant could help to take the Cardinals’ receiving talent to the next level.

Would Haley be interested in an advisory role?

He still has a house in Arizona. Why not?

Would there be ego issues or power struggles between Haley and Leftwich?

I don't think there would be—-Byron Leftwich’s popularity amongst the players is not going to change. I think there is a very good chance that he remains the OC in Arizona next year and beyond.

I believe that Leftwich would welcome the help, primarily because he has his hands full mentoring Josh Rosen and now coordinating the offense. That's two full time jobs in one.

Ideally Leftwich would want BA to turn to and can do so via the phone. But, having an offensive guru like Haley in the building, on the practice field each day and up in the coaches’ box on game days could accelerate Leftwich’s development as a coordinator and play caller.

The key is shaping the offense in order to maximize the talents of the personnel—-these next eight weeks are a perfect training ground in order to get the building blocks of the playbook settled for 2019.

With that goal in mind, having an architect like Haley on board could allow that main frame to go up days and weeks ahead of schedule.

What do you think?