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A Vote for Peyton Manning as the Cardinals’ 2019 GM

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

On Election Day 2018, I am casting my vote for Peyton Manning to become the Cardinals’ general manager in 2019.

A Litany of Reasons Why:

  • Peyton Manning is the ultimate competitor—-he will outwork and out hustle anyone and everyone.
  • He wants to run an NFL team and has been waiting for an auspicious opportunity.
  • In hiring PM as GM the Cardinals would be putting QB Josh Rosen in the best possible hands.
  • PM would attract the best coaches and the best players.
  • It is an ideal time for Michael Bidwill to turn the running of the organization over to a savvy, charismatic football guy.
  • Peyton Manning knows how to make a QB the autonomous leader of the offense.
  • The way offenses are called at the line of scrimmage today is in large part due to the ways Peyton Manning revolutionized the QB position in the NFL.
  • No one knows better than Peyton Manning what to takes to build a championship caliber team—-a team that can sustain success, year in and year out.
  • No one knows better what winning football and superb coaching looks like.
  • PM always keeps his eye on the ultimate prize.
  • Players would play hard for him because they would share in his vision and he would pay them what they deserve.
  • PM wouldn’t be afraid to make bold moves.
  • PM would change the face of the organization.
  • PM would change the entire reputation and national perception of the organization.

if you haven’t watched Peyton Manning’s video breakdown of Josh Rosen’s early play—-do yourself a favor and watch it. You will learn more football in a half an hour than you ever dreamed of learning.

Josh Rosen is the major reason why Peyton Manning could be interested in becoming the Cardinals’ GM. That—-and the auspices of being handed full control of the football operation by Michael Bidwill. My vote is in.

Arizona Cardinals’ 2019 GM

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