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Budda Baker, Robert Nkemdiche both miss practice on Thursday with injury

The Arizona Cardinals could be in trouble with two defensive players.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals season has not gone as planned.

Struggling with ineffective play, injuries and making two major changes before the halfway point of the season showed that.

However, the defensive side of the ball had begun to come together, bit by bit, for the team and they started to look like they were gaining confidence.

So, of course coming off a bye week, heading into a game against the best offense in the NFL, maybe in the last decade, the Arizona Cardinals could be missing one of their defensive stars.

Budda Baker missed practice today with a foot injury today, there has not been much more information on it at this point, but of course the Cardinals would have something like this pop up just before a game against an offensive juggernaut.

That’s the type of season it has been.

Joining Baker on the injury report was Robert Nkemdiche and remaining on it was Chad Williams.

However, the main name to be concerned about was Baker.

Hope it is nothing and just a day of rest.