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Arizona Cardinals need to use the top pick if they get it

Trading back is good in theory, but the Cardinals lack high end talent and need to start stacking it.

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With the Arizona Cardinals three games away from locking up a top two pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, there are plenty of questions that will be asked over the next five months.

The biggest question is should the Arizona Cardinals trade back if they land a top two or three pick?

The easy answer is no.

The longer answer is simply, it would have to guarantee them one of the top four players in the draft at a position of need and include a massive return, ala the Indianapolis Colts from 2018.

The reality is this… the Cardinals have a bad roster.

You don’t finish with a top three pick if you have a good roster.

One of the biggest issues with the Cards roster is that it lacks elite talent.

Now, that’s not to say staying at two and drafting Quinnen Williams guarantees you an elite talent, but trading down means you are passing on elite talent.

Getting Nick Bosa or Q Williams is essential to rebuilding as quickly as possible. Stacking elite talent instead of trying to fill holes on the roster, something they’ve done terribly in the first round of the draft, is important.

The Cardinals cannot afford to take another non-impact first rounder. They’ve got too many on the roster or worse, off of it or soon to be.

They have to find high end talent.

Trading down isn’t the best way to do so.

Taking the top player in the draft, whether it be Bosa or Williams, is a no brainer.

Trading down to get multiple picks to fill multiple positions sounds great in theory… it rarely works in practice.

Take top end talent and build.

Don’t overthink it.

Start stacking talent.