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Three round 2019 NFL Mock Draft

A three round look at the 2019 NFL Draft.

UCLA v Arizona State Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Okay, first, in this simulation, I have simulated a trade between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Arizona Cardinals. In response to that, I felt it was necessary to complete, as far as I could deem, a realistic view to the NFL draft, and some subsequent trades between other teams. How I viewed these trades as follows: What does the aforementioned team have as far as assets, where in reference do I think the team would be able to go, and how much will it cost to get there? So, I didn’t just write this article for the Arizona Cardinals, but I’m trying to gouge a trade that would be fair to every team that is wanting to improve their team.

1st Pick - San Francisco 49ers
Nick Bosa - Defensive End
Ohio State - Junior
6’4’’, 264 Pounds

Whoever has the number one pick will be in a dilemma. Will they draft arguably the best player in the draft, or will they risk not having the chance at a generational talent such as Bosa for a trade that involves Justin Herbert, and could net a good gain? I think the 49ers can’t complete the trade, Bosa changes the climate for the NFC West, and risking him to drop to the lap of the Cardinals is just too much for them to bare. Bosa is a physical freak, he doesn’t need to use too much of his physical tools because of his football IQ, and being able to manipulate tackles is what makes him arguably the best lineman since Clowney. Bosa will be the best in this draft, and I still haven’t changed my mind on that.

2nd Pick - Jacksonville Jaguars (from Arizona Cardinals)
Justin Herbert - Quarterback
Oregon - Junior
6’6’’, 233 Pounds
(ARZ: 7th pick, 38th pick, 2020 2nd Round, A.J. Bouye)

This is logically the second pick to me, as the Jaguars leapfrog to the Cardinals spot to get themselves their QBOTF, and finally rid themselves of Blake Bortles career of crap numbers. Herbert to me is the biggest puzzle piece for this draft, with Missouri QB Drew Lock seeming likely to garner a top-10 selection (Haskins likely in the top-20). Herbert makes very good throws seamlessly, and has been dubbed a strong-armed slinger. His problem; has a hard time dissecting blitzes, and an Oregon system QB (some say). He throws darts. Something not discussed; the switch of Bouye for Gresham would give many Jags fans pause, but eliminates the need for extra draft compensation for the upcoming years (2020 and 2021). Plus, Bouye is apart of the salary dump that the Jags must do to prevent themselves from hitting the salary floor, and having no wiggle room in the future.

3rd Pick - Oakland Raiders
Clelin Ferrell - Defensive End
Clemson - Redshirt Junior
6’4’’, 265 Pounds

All honesty here, I had a very good feeling that Oakland was glaring with the corner of their eye, and wondering whether or not they’d be able to replace Khalil Mack with someone from this class. They will be. The Raiders have their choice between one year wonder Quinnen Williams (one of the most dominating one years in SEC defensive history) or ACC star Clelin Ferrell. I chose Ferrell because he’s a monster with a set position. Williams on the other hand has been playing a nose technique over the center, but likely is a end. Ferrell finished the year with 17.5 tfl’s and 10.5 sacks, while Oakland doesn’t have a single player over 5 sacks this season. Adding Ferrell automatically impacts both the run and pass game.

4th Pick - Atlanta Falcons
Greedy Williams - Cornerback
Louisiana State - Redshirt Sophomore
6’3’’, 183 Pounds

How does an opportunistic defensive backfield go from wrecking gameplans to being torched week after week? Ask the Falcons, who have seen their defense gone from feared, to something almost unrecognizable. This, to me, gives the Falcons a chance to fix what is wrong, and gives Greedy Williams a home to exploit his ability to jam-coverage effectively. I get it, they selected Isaiah Oliver last year, but look who’s ahead of Oliver; Desmond Trufant is good when not dealing with injuries, while Robert Alford should of been transitioned to safety this season. Greedy is long, very effective in both man and zone schemes, and has 4.3 speed to long-stride a receiver.

5th Pick - New York Jets
Jonah Williams - Offensive Tackle
Alabama - Junior
6’5’’, 302 Pounds

An effective offensive tackle isn’t a flashy pick by any means, but he can still go unrecognized and garner draft consideration. That sums up left tackle Jonah Williams, a very technically sound athlete who rarely gets beat in one-on-one situations. He’s a solid pass-blocker, but an even better run-blocker who gets to the second level with ease. This selection will allow Sam Darnold to develop more of his ability to throw effectively in the pocket, something he’s had a problem with because the line is always collapsing on him. The Jets need Jonah Williams just as much as any team in the top-10. Kelvin Beachum and Brandon Shell have been meh, Jonah Williams could provide that much needed punch on the line.

6th Pick - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Buffalo Bills)
Ed Oliver - Defensive Tackle
Houston - Junior
6’3’’, 285 Pounds
(BUF: 8th pick, 74th pick)

We could say the Bucs wouldn’t trade for Oliver, but might go for a quarterback instead. The technically sound Ed Oliver is still on the table, and that forces them to avoid taking a QB at the moment. Oliver was considered a shoe-in for the top pick before the season began, but with constant double-teams, his production went down. He’s still the most dominant defensive tackle when given one-on-one situations. There is question about his size, with comments ranging between his height, to him being unable to gain weight past 275 pounds. Pairing Oliver with Gerald McCoy seems right because it will allow Oliver a chance to beat one-on-ones, and a continued effort to stop the pair is going to haunt the NFC South.

7th Pick - Arizona Cardinals (from Jacksonville Jaguars)
N’Keal Harry - Wide Receiver
Arizona State - Junior
6’4’’, 214 Pounds
(JAX: 2nd pick, 2020 7th round selection, Jermaine Gresham)

Here’s a trade that Card fans will probably not love to see (or maybe not), but I’m doing it anyways, because this is the projected area for the hometown kid. Top-10 is what I see the worth of N’Keal Harry at this moment, as he’s developed quite nicely throughout this year, and I feel confident he’s earned it. Many questions about his speed have arised, but I find that to be just a terrible misunderstanding. To me, running a sub-4.5 isn’t terrible for a receiver, it’s the implication that come with the estimated time. Some tend to believe that a receiver will lose his speed with the years to come. That’s preposterous. A.J. Green ran a 4.5, so did Michael Thomas (4.57), and Davante Adams (4.56). To write someone off because they don’t run a 4.3 or 4.4 is ridiculous. Harry is supremely gifted, and has made many in the pac-12 look foolish. He is bound to be a top-10 pick, and the Cardinals capitalize, allowing themselves to build around Josh Rosen and a young offense.

8th Pick - Buffalo Bills (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
Quinnen Williams - Defensive End
Alabama - Redshirt Sophomore
6’4’’, 295 Pounds
(TB: 6th pick)

The fall for Quinnen Williams ends at 8, as he’s able to find a home with a Bills team that could use his expertise. Someone is going to give Williams a chance, I just don’t think it will be in the top-5. His one year of experience was tremendous, but there are some questions. What’s his position? Does he fit the 3-4 or the 4-3? Is the talent at Alabama disguising any other weaknesses that is inapparent to the rest of us? In this simulation, it’s for the Bills to find out. Can they rebuild the defensive line to help Quinnen progress? It’s worth finding out with the Lions right around the corner.

9th Pick - New York Giants
Drew Lock - Quarterback
Missouri - Senior
6’4’’, 225 Pounds

Drew Lock proved this year he is a very competent quarterback, someone that seems to have the mental makeup to show he’s got a high football IQ for the game. He makes a lot of good throws, even when he’s escaping the pocket, and doesn’t seem to care if a blitz is collapsing, he stands in the pocket to deliver accurate throws. Replacing Eli is hard, but at least they did it the right way.Guys, this isn’t Blaine Gabbert. I can’t stress this enough either; this is not a reach for the Giants. This is the perfect spot for the Giants to take a quarterback, if they decide not to pursue Justin Herbert. Drew Lock seems to have a grasp on the top-10 this year, so here you go Giants fans, replace Eli.

10th Pick - Detroit Lions
D.K. Metcalf - Wide Receiver
Mississippi - Redshirt Sophomore
6’4’’, 225 Pounds

The Lions have been reeling for a receiving option since the trade of Golden Tate, and seem ready for their next megatron. Then the Lions are going to love D.K. Metcalf, a big jump-ball target who is a long-strider, and seems to have soft mitts to pair. His season was ended with an injury, but before the injury, Metcalf was having a solid year. Yes, having Kenny Golladay relieves some of the pressure, but Metcalf is a beast with one-on-one corners, and he makes some very quick moves off the line of scrimmage. His tip-toeing on the sideline is great in today’s NFL. There are some negatives; injuries, kind of overshadowed last year by A.J. Green, and not seperator like Brown, but he’s still a very talented player.

11th Pick - Cincinnati Bengals
Mack Wilson - Inside Linebacker
Alabama - Junior
6’2’’, 239 Pounds

There are those who believe that Devin White is the true number one inside linebacker, but they forget that another SEC linebacker lives at the powerhouse ‘bama. Mack Wilson, an overlooked guy who reads plays very effectively, seems to be the newest orchestrator of Alabama’s defense. He has a leg up on White because of this; he’s solid at both coverage and in the run (White struggles in disengaging blockers, watch Auburn vs LSU). The Bengals have the worst linebackers (excluding Arizona), so this makes sense to me.

12th Pick - Green Bay Packers
Tyler Biadasz - Center/Offensive Guard
Wisconsin - Redshirt Sophomore
6’3’’, 319 Pounds

I love Tyler Biadasz, and if it wasn’t so paradox to select a guard/center at two, I would have taken him. He’s agile, fights very well with his hands, and has a very high football IQ. You’ll notice that I gave Biadasz the conversion of either guard or center, as there’s a few factors to this. Green Bay currently has Corey Linsley, who’s been solid, and Biadasz played some guard in high school. It’s the Packers discretion. This seems like a legit Packers pick, keeping a hometown kid from leaving the state, and letting him protect his idol Aaron Rodgers, possibly the greatest innovator in the NFL.

13th Pick - Minnesota Vikings (from Cleveland Browns)
Devin White - Inside Linebacker
Louisiana State - Junior
6’1’’, 240 Pounds
(CLE: 21st pick, 85th pick, 2020 4th round selection)

Devin White plays coverage very well, but struggles with leaving a block. White is going pick up his play the more he learns how to use his hands, and in Minnesota, it’s ideal to learn from the well-qualified son of coach; Adam Zimmer. I find his coverage to be better than Mack Wilson, and he wraps up very well. A dilemma faces the Vikings, as they are looking at their very fine linebacker corps, and will have some very tough decisions in the coming months. Eric Kendricks and Anthony Barr face free agency in 2019 and 2020, respectively, and might not have the money to pay both. So trading up for Devin White this year makes sense to me, as he’s very highly touted, and would be able to learn on the fly.

14th Pick - Washington Redskins
Trayvon Mullen - Cornerback
Clemson - Junior
6’1’’, 195 Pounds

The hot-button solution that people are looking for for the Washington Redskins is quarterback, there just seems to be too much uncertainty for Alex Smith’s future. Here’s what I would say about the issue; yes, the quarterback position will probably be the easiest to point at for their problems, but corner doesn’t fall too far behind. It’s uninspiring play that is causing Josh Norman to constantly worry about what’s happening on the opposite side. Fabian Moreau is probably (my estimation) a safety, while there is no straight answer behind him. I like Trayvon Mullen here, he’s a very solid corner with great length and speed. Another of Dabo’s good recruiting, I think Mullen could be a solid riser in the draft, and it attributes to his technique. I like his ability jam and to play zone, very diverse. Probably going to be the fastest corner, with a blazing 4.35 speed (I think).

15th Pick - Carolina Panthers
Greg Little - Offensive Tackle
Mississippi - Junior
6’6’’, 325 Pounds

Gregory Little isn’t as raw as many say, he’s got a very solid base, and moves very quickly to combat speed with technique. Even if you keep Matt Kalil, you switch Kalil to right tackle, and grant Greg Little experience protecting Cam’s back. The Mississippi tackle plays the run a little bit better than the pass, being a steady anchor to connect to the second level of a play. He’s a little raw in twists, and doesn’t sometimes seem aware of blitzing linebackers. He’ll still have a better grasp than what Kalil had when he first arrived in Carolina.

16th Pick - Indianapolis Colts (from Philadelphia Eagles)
Jeffery Simmons - Defensive Tackle
Mississippi State - Junior
6’4’’, 300 Pounds
(PHI: 19th pick, 84th pick)

Simmons would be a top-5 pick if not for those aforementioned issues, but this seems like a good spot for him. Splitting the guard and center is his specialty, and is a total team player in allowing his linebackers to play freely. A few years ago, the Colts thought they had the interior presence necessary to compete in the AFC, but we found out Henry Anderson was not the answer for the Colts. Jeffery Simmons had been in trouble before, but seems to have cleaned up his act. Playing a year with the positive-minded Andrew Luck will do him some good, Simmons will be able to develop into a solid playmaker with no character issues (Eric Ebron as example).

17th Pick - Denver Broncos
Dalton Risner - Offensive Tackle
Kansas State - Redshirt Senior
6’5’’, 308 Pounds

Dalton Risner is being considered by many to be a top-10 pick, but he seems shorter than 6’5’’, and some think he will play guard in the NFL. Not me, in my opinion, Risner is a complete right tackle in the NFL, and someone who will finally solidify the Broncos right side. Risner is solid at both pass and run blocking, and it doesn’t seem like he’d have a problem learning the complexities of an NFL playbook. Something needs to happen for the Broncos, but I don’t think it’s quarterback just yet. Risner could give whoever the quarterback is a little breathing room, and he’s not afraid of your best pass-rushers.

18th Pick - Miami Dolphins
Jaylon Ferguson - Defensive End
Louisiana Tech - Redshirt Senior
6’5’’, 262 Pounds

With Cameron Wake still beating double-teams, Jaylon Ferguson arrives with the sense that he could take over a game, similar to his newly-projected teammate; Cameron Wake. He finished the year with 15 sacks, and established himself one of the better run-stuffers in this class. He fights to get the edge, playing like a dog off the leash every time the whistle blows, and Jaylon uses his hands very well rip. He’s strong, unbearably strong, and that’s going to get him in the top-20. Pairing Ferguson with Wake would be fun, but Cam Wake is due another contract, as Charles Harris has been behind the learning curb just a tad, and Andre Branch is not really playing to what his contract says ($7.9M for a backup end).

19th Pick - Philadelphia Eagles (from Indianapolis Colts)
A.J. Brown - Wide Receiver
Mississippi - Junior
6’1’’, 225 Pounds
(IND: 16th pick)

There are a few things going for Brown this draft season; he caught 85 balls for over 1300 yards this season, and he only seemed to shine more when his talented coworker, D.K. Metcalf, went down with injury. He does have a very intriguing body-type, at 6’1’’, 225 pounds, he’s not just a thick-legged receiver who prototypically will overpower your corner, he’s just a very savvy receiver who plays to his strengths. The Eagles need a defensive back just as much as they need a receiver, but I went with Brown since he’s a proven commodity.

20th Pick - Tennessee Titans
Chauncey Gardner-Johnson - Strong Safety
Florida - Junior
6’0’’, 208 Pounds

Wait, what did I just do? There’s no way that CGJ of Florida would surpass Deionte Thompson of Alabama or Taylor Rapp of Washington, right? False. Chauncey is a very physical safety with speed to attribute to an already solid set of tools he’s displayed in the open field. Putting him in space makes a lot of sense to me, allowing him to roam would benefit the Titans in any possible way. The short term rentals of Kenny Vacarro and Kendrick Lewis was a fun little experiment, but it’s equally fun to get a long-term solution.

21st Pick - Cleveland Browns (from Minnesota Vikings)
Josh Allen - Outside Linebacker
Kentucky - Senior
6’5’’, 260 Pounds
(MIN: 13th pick)

This is probably the most unlikely scenario in all of my mock, as Josh Allen (not the QB) lands between the 20s. He’s a very gifted player, being able to rush off the edge like a bat out of hell, and is continually in the QB’s face. The Browns could realistically get him, it’s just not expected to be like this. Josh Allen is a great pairing with Genard Avery, as he could alternate while they try to discover what to do with their current linebacker corps. Best part, set Allen up to pass-rush, no problem, probably going to excel with 10 sacks his rookie season, his problems arise when he’s in space. Not the best pass-coverage.

22nd Pick - Houston Texans (from Baltimore Ravens)
Byron Murphy - Cornerback
Washington - Redshirt Sophomore
5’11’’, 182 Pounds
(BAL: 27th pick, 91st pick)

Finally, Byron Murphy stopped sliding on my board. It’s just a very talented corner lost in the mix of a very crowded defensive draft. Murphy plays very well in the Huskies defense, showing that he’s very slick in zone, but may be someone who could play well in most man situations. Byron is like most of the Huskies coming out; he’s raw, but with proper coaching, he can be a gold nugget. Houston trading up makes sense after seeing their corners kind of be the achilles heel so far this season. I get it, you have Kevin Johnson and a plethora of older corners, but why wouldn’t you make this pick?

23rd Pick - Pittsburgh Steelers
Jachai Polite - Outside Linebacker
Florida - Junior
6’2’’, 242 Pounds

Jachai Polite is one of those guys who bend very well at the point of attack, and could surprise some with his speed and explosiveness. I don’t really know the consensus about the linebacker corps for Pittsburgh, but I assume it could use some help in the right direction with them being middle of the pack. T.J. Watt is probably the best pick for them in the last 5 years (maybe JuJu), but I love Jachai in this spot. This isn’t a discredit for Bud Dupree, but a consolation prize for missing out on Byron Murphy.

24th Pick - Oakland Raiders (from Dallas Cowboys)
Chris Lindstrom - Offensive Guard
Boston College - Senior
6’4’’, 310 Pounds
(already projected trade)

Is this a reach? Nope, it’s a Gruden move. Chris Lindstrom is a very talented guard, plays the pass very well, and seems to have a knack at pushing the pocket out of the quarterbacks lap. He’s very tenacious with his hands, and is very solid at initiating contact. This pick is predicated on them trading away an asset from their line. The one that hasn’t really played to Jon Gruden’s scheme on the line effectively so far has been Kelechi Osemele (some injury concerns), but that’s for another pick. Getting Lindstrom to Oakland just seemed right.

25th Pick - Seattle Seahawks
Deionte Thompson - Free Safety
Alabama - Redshirt Junior
6’2’’, 197 Pounds

The slide for Deionte Thompson won’t be much of a slide, he’s an uber-talented safety for Nick Saban, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be the next great ‘bama safety. He joins a legion of boom that can be molded into the new-age, while maybe displaying Thompson as a roamer. He flies to the ball very well, but he’s not the most instinctive tackler, and struggles to wrap up in the open field. At the next level, that’s an area he needs to fix, and probably will with some added weight.

26th Pick - Oakland Raiders (from Chicago Bears)
Rashan Gary - Defensive Tackle
Michigan - Junior
6’5’’, 283 Pounds
(already projected trade)

Gary is a beast with leverage, and plays very physically off the line. Don’t know if he’s strong enough for the A-gap in the NFL, but I think the combine will allow him to show his prowess in splitting a guard and tackle. I love what the Raiders have in Maurice Hurst, who’s proved that a heart condition (that was proved false) won’t stop him. He is joined by his former Michigan alum Rashan Gary, who many expect will be in the top-10. His lack of production or stats is scary to me though. Gary is a very impactful player who seems to always push the pocket, but just seems to always be a hair short from getting to the quarterback. Give him some time in the pros, and you could see Gary transform into the A-gap penetrator we expected to see when he arrived at Ann Arbor.

27th Pick - Oakland Raiders (from Baltimore Ravens via Houston Texans)
Oshane Ximinies - Defensive End
Old Dominion - Redshirt Senior
6’4’’, 255 Pounds
(HOU: 22nd; BAL: 104th pick, Kelechi Osemele)

The small school prospects in this draft are intriguing, and Oshane Ximinies being a capitalist. Ximinies is technically sound with speed rush moves. Yes, he’s raw, but with Gruden, he can be groomed into what they want, like a raw set clay figure. When your biggest weakness is getting to the quarterback, you need to throw as many pass-rushers at the problem (so far, it’s Clelin Ferrell, Rashan Gary, and Oshane Ximinies), and sooner or later, the problematic area will become a plus, especially in this draft with such a plethora of talent. The Ravens get themselves their best offensive lineman who will take over for an overworked Marshall Yanda.

28th Pick - Washington Redskins (from Los Angeles Chargers)
Dwayne Haskins - Quarterback
Ohio State - Redshirt Sophomore
6’3’’, 220 Pounds
(LAC: 49th pick, 2020 4th round selection, Josh Norman)

Yes, I said the Redskins wouldn’t select a QB before, but I changed my mind when I saw Dwayne Haskins sliding down the board. The Heisman candidate played out of his mind this season for the Buckeyes, and showed a polished set of tools. He’s a pocket passer who reads defenses very well, and plays within his strengths. He’s able to sling the ball into tight windows down the field, but gets raddled under pressure. Playing for Washington would actually be in his benefit. Trading up this far and giving up a very talented Josh Norman isn’t what I’d like to give up (even with another media outburst), but it beats the alternative of starting Colt McCoy.

29th Pick - New England Patriots
Montez Sweat - Defensive End
Mississippi State - Redshirt Senior
6’6’’, 245 Pounds

This just feels right for the Patriots, they miss out on Haskins in this simulation, but get Sweat; speedy and light. Montez Sweat is a very dominant end off the edge, but I think he’s versatile enough to stand up in coverage. Sweat has a great bend, and swims and ducks through first contact. TFL’s aren’t a problem either, he plays the run very well, and seems very disciplined. Like most Belichick players, his technique seems very fluid, but just needs other good players around him.

30th Pick - Green Bay Packers (from New Orleans Saints)
Kelvin Harmon - Wide Receiver
North Carolina State - Junior
6’3’’, 214 Pounds
(already projected trade)

The Packers need help at receiver, Harmon makes the most sense in this situation. Watching his tape, I see he’s physical off the line, and controls the ball very well with his bear mitts, but needs to focus the ball in. He fights for those one-on-one jump-balls. That’s what Aaron Rodgers needs, someone with consistent hands, and someone who can separate also.

31st Pick - Kansas City Chiefs
Bryce Hall - Cornerback
Virginia - Junior
6’1’’, 200 Pounds

I really like the coverage skills of Bryce Hall. He plays through the hands effectively, and fights to get good position when playing man coverage. Not going to dazzle you with great speed, but his overall technique seems solid. There’s no reason to throw him to the fire in the beginning, as he still needs to find a way to convert those long strides to keeping up on the receiver. Steven Nelson is about to cash in, so why not Bryce Hall?

32nd Pick - Los Angeles Rams
Dexter Lawrence - Defensive Tackle
Clemson - Junior
6’4’’, 340 Pounds

With the one year rental of Ndamukong Suh about to end, I expect the Rams to make a move to select a defensive tackle in this draft (barring them resigning Suh for cheaper than expected). Lawrence is a mammoth of a man, outweighing most offensive lineman, but he’s still fast off the line for some reason. A solid one-technique, he finds himself overpowering most interior lineman with ease. And with the ever-physical NFC West getting Nick Bosa, I assume the Rams really don’t want to take a step back.

Another round, let’s get it on.

NFL Draft 2019 - 2nd Round

33rd Pick- Arizona Cardinals
David Edwards - Offensive Tackle
Wisconsin - Redshirt Junior
6’7’’, 315 Pounds

I feel like this draft will be important for the Cardinals to rebuild their offense, and maybe I’m wrong, but I would love to see the whole offense rebuilt from top to bottom. Trust me, even with money to spend in free agency, and the possibility of keeping D.J. Humphries still makes me pause, and think think about the future of the offense. David Edwards is a prototype of an offensive tackle. He’s a right tackle who is steady, isn’t very flashy, but will hold his own against quick pass-rush moves. I feel like the offensive line in 2019 will be very different, and we could be looking at a young line.

34th Pick - Oakland Raiders
Amani Oruwariye - Cornerback
Penn State - Redshirt Senior
6’1’’, 203 Pounds

35th Pick - San Francisco 49ers
Deandre Baker - Cornerback
Georgia - Senior
5’11’’, 186 Pounds

36th Pick - Indianapolis Colts (from New York Jets)
Cody Ford - Offensive Guard
Oklahoma - Redshirt Junior
6’4’’, 334 Pounds
(already projected trade)

37th Pick - Buffalo Bills
Andre Dillard - Offensive Tackle
Washington State - Redshirt Senior
6’5’’, 310 Pounds

38th Pick - Cleveland Browns (from Arizona Cardinals via Jacksonville Jaguars)
Lil’Jordan Humphrey - Wide Receiver
Texas - Junior
6’4’’, 225 Pounds
(JAX: 2nd; ARZ: 44th pick, 135th pick, 2020 7th round selection, Austin Corbett)

39th Pick - New England Patriots (from Atlanta Falcons)
Taylor Rapp - Free Safety
Washington - Junior
6’0’’, 200 Pounds
(ATL: 59th pick, 61st pick, 2020 4th round selection)

40th Pick - Detroit Lions
Zach Allen - Defensive End
Boston College - Senior
6’5’’, 285 Pounds

41st Pick - New York Giants
Max Scharping - Offensive Tackle
Northern Illinois - Redshirt Senior
6’6’’, 320 Pounds

42nd Pick - Denver Broncos (from Cincinnati Bengals)
Albert Okwuegbunam - Tight end
Missouri - Redshirt Sophomore
6’5’’, 255 Pounds
(CIN: 2020 2nd round selection, Chris Harris)

43rd Pick - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Devin Bush - Inside Linebacker
Michigan - Junior
5’11’’, 233 Pounds

44th Pick - Arizona Cardinals (from Cleveland Browns)
Noah Fant - Tight End
Iowa - Junior
6’4’’, 245 Pounds
(CLE: 38th pick)

The benefit of trading down once again, we gain another asset, while still getting a talented tight end. Cleveland is willing to trade up for their guy (Lil’Jordan Humphrey), and we still get ourselves a very talented tight end in a deep tight end class. Noah Fant is a high-point target, being able to out-muscle his opponent, making him a difficult guard. Playing him a linebacker or safety is iffy unless you got a Derwin James-type of guy. I’ve so far picked two offensive pieces for Josh Rosen, and he deserves this type of renovation this offseason. I believe that Fant can finally solve our tight end problem, something that’s existed since Leonard Pope caught a Super Bowl touchdown.

45th Pick - Green Bay Packers
Chase Winovich - Inside Linebacker
Michigan - Redshirt Senior
6’3’’, 255 Pounds

46th Pick - Carolina Panthers
Marquise Brown - Wide Receiver
Oklahoma - Junior
5’11’’, 168 Pounds

47th Pick - Philadelphia Eagles
Trevon Diggs - Cornerback
Alabama - Junior
6’2’’, 199 Pounds

48th Pick - Pittsburgh Steelers (from Denver Broncos)
Nick Fitzgerald - Quarterback
Mississippi State - Redshirt Senior
6’5’’, 230 Pounds

(DEN: Le’Veon Bell)

49th Pick - Los Angeles Chargers (from Washington Redskins)
Jerry Tillery - Defensive Tackle
Notre Dame - Senior
6’7’’, 305 Pounds
(WAS: 28th pick)

50th Pick - Indianapolis Colts
Joe Jackson - Defensive End
Miami (Fla.) - Junior
6’5’’, 265 Pounds

51st Pick - Kansas City Chiefs (from Tennessee Titans)
Hakeem Butler - Wide Receiver
Iowa State - Redshirt Junior
6’6’’, 225 Pounds
(TEN: 63rd pick, 64th pick)

52nd Pick - Miami Dolphins
Trey Adams - Offensive Tackle
Washington - Redshirt Senior
6’7’’, 310 Pounds

53rd Pick - Minnesota Vikings
Yodny Cajuste - Offensive Tackle
West Virginia - Redshirt Senior
6’5’’, 321 Pounds

54th Pick - Philadelphia Eagles (from Baltimore Ravens)
Raekwon Davis - Defensive Tackle
Alabama - Junior
6’7’’, 315 Pounds
(already projected trade)

55th Pick - Cleveland Browns (from Pittsburgh Steelers)
Michael Jackson Sr. - Cornerback
Miami (Fla.) - Senior
6’1’’, 205 Pounds
(PIT: 76th pick, 92nd pick)

56th Pick - Dallas Cowboys
Dre’Mont Jones - Defensive Tackle
Ohio State - Junior
6’3’’, 286 Pounds

57th Pick - Seattle Seahawks (from Houston Texans via Seattle Seahawks)
Derrick Brown - Defensive Tackle
Auburn - Junior
6’5’’, 325 Pounds
(already projected trade; HOU: Earl Thomas)

58th Pick - Houston Texans
Parris Campbell - Wide Receiver
Ohio State - Senior
6’1’’, 208 Pounds

59th Pick - Atlanta Falcons (from New England Patriots via Chicago Bears)
Kaleb McGary - Offensive Tackle
Washington - Redshirt Senior
6’8’’, 324 Pounds

(already projected trade; NE: 38th pick)

60th Pick - Los Angeles Chargers
Daniel Jones - Quarterback
Duke - Redshirt Junior
6’6’’, 220 Pounds

61st Pick - Atlanta Falcons (from New England Patriots)
Beau Benzschawel - Offensive Guard
Wisconsin - Redshirt Senior
6’6’’, 315 Pounds
(NE: 38th pick)

62nd Pick - New Orleans Saints
David Montgomery - Running Back
Iowa State - Junior
5’11’’, 219 Pounds

63rd Pick - Tennessee Titans (from Kansas City Chiefs)
Connor McGovern - Offensive Guard
Penn State - Junior
6’5’’, 323 Pounds
(KC: 51st pick)

64th Pick - Tennessee Titans (from Kansas City Chiefs via Los Angeles Rams)
Brian Burns - Outside Linebacker
Florida State - Junior
6’5’’, 235 Pounds
(KC: 51st pick)

One more round with plenty of action.

NFL Draft 2019 - 3rd Round

65th Pick - Oakland Raiders
Justice Hill - Running Back
Oklahoma State - Junior
5’10’’, 190 Pounds

66th Pick - Green Bay Packers (from San Francisco 49ers)
David Sills V - Wide Receiver
West Virginia - Redshirt Senior
6’4’’, 215 Pounds
(SF: 75th pick, 173rd pick, Blake Martinez)

67th Pick - Arizona Cardinals
Gerald Willis III - Defensive Tackle
Miami (Fla.) - Redshirt Senior
6’4’’, 300 Pounds

The Cardinals took their chances trying to rebuild the offensive side of the ball, it’s time to focus on the front that has plagued the Cardinals this year with injuries, and I love to see Gerald Willis in this situation. Willis is a 4-3 defensive tackle, he specializes in rip-and-shredding his opponents hand placement. I think one more year of Robert Nkemdiche testing, and playing out the combo of Gerald Willis with Corey Peters/Olsen Pierre, you have yourself a better group than last year.

68th Pick - Buffalo Bills
Julian Love - Cornerback
Notre Dame - Junior
5’11’’, 193 Pounds

69th Pick - New York Jets (from Jacksonville Jaguars)
Ross Pierschbacher - Center
Alabama - Redshirt Senior
6’4’’, 309 Pounds
(JAX: 71st pick, Robby Anderson)

70th Pick - Atlanta Falcons
Terrill Hanks - Outside Linebacker
New Mexico State - Senior
6’3’’, 235 Pounds

71st Pick - Jacksonville Jaguars (from New York Jets)
Daniel Cooney - Offensive Tackle
San Diego - Redshirt Senior
6’8’’, 335 Pounds
(NYJ: 69th pick)

72nd Pick - Cincinnati Bengals
Michael Deiter - Offensive Guard
Wisconsin - Redshirt Senior
6’6’’, 328 Pounds

73rd Pick - Miami Dolphins (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
Elgton Jenkins - Center
Mississippi State - Redshirt Senior
6’4’’, 310 Pounds
(82nd pick, 148th pick)

74th Pick - New England Patriots (from Detroit Lions)
Gary Jennings Jr. - Wide Receiver
West Virginia - Senior
6’1’’, 210 Pounds
(already projected trade)

75th Pick - San Francisco 49ers (from Green Bay Packers)
Martez Ivey - Offensive Guard
Florida - Senior
6’5’’, 306 Pounds
(GB: 66th)

76th Pick - Cleveland Browns
Christian Wilkins - Defensive Tackle
Clemson - Redshirt Senior
6’4’’, 315 Pounds

77th Pick - Tennessee Titans (from Detroit Lions via Philadelphia Eagles)
T.J. Edwards - Inside Linebacker
Wisconsin - Redshirt Senior
6’1’’, 244 Pounds
(already projected trade; DET: 81st pick, 147th pick)

78th Pick - Denver Broncos
Jarrett Stidham - Quarterback
Auburn - Junior
6’3’’, 215 Pounds

79th Pick - Washington Redskins
Josh Oliver - Tight End
San Jose State - Senior
6’5’’, 250 Pounds

80th Pick - Baltimore Ravens (from Carolina Panthers)
Damien Harris - Running Back
Alabama - Senior
5’11’’, 215 Pounds
(CAR: 85th pick, 2020 3rd round selection)

81st Pick - Detroit Lions (from Tennessee Titans)
Otaro Alaka - Outside Linebacker
Texas A&M - Redshirt Senior
6’3’’, 240 Pounds
(already projected trade)

82nd Pick - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Miami Dolphins)
Will Grier - Quarterback
West Virginia - Redshirt Senior
6’2’’, 223 Pounds
(MIA: 73rd)

83rd Pick - Indianapolis Colts
Darryl Williams - Offensive Guard
Mississippi State - Redshirt Junior
6’2’’, 310 Pounds

84th Pick - Los Angeles Rams (from Minnesota Vikings)
Caleb Wilson - Tight End
UCLA - Redshirt Junior
6’4’’, 235 Pounds
(MIN: 97th pick, 99th pick)

85th Pick - Carolina Panthers (from Baltimore Ravens)
Blace Brown - Cornerback
Troy - Redshirt Senior
6’1’’, 195 Pounds
(BAL: 80th pick)

86th Pick - Pittsburgh Steelers
Lavert Hill - Cornerback
Michigan - Junior
5’11’’, 181 Pounds

87th Pick - New England Patriots (from Dallas Cowboys)
Riley Ridley - Wide Receiver
Georgia - Junior
6’2’’, 200 Pounds
(DAL: 98th pick, 2020 6th round selection, Derek Rivers)

88th Pick - Houston Texans (from Seattle Seahawks)
Benny Snell Jr. - Running Back
Kentucky - Junior
5’11’’, 223 Pounds
(SEA: 90th, 2020 6th round selection)

89th Pick - Chicago Bears
Isaiah Prince - Offensive Tackle
Ohio State - Redshirt Senior
6’7’’, 310 Pounds

90th Pick - Seattle Seahawks (from Houston Texans)
Mitch Hyatt - Offensive Tackle
Clemson - Senior
6’5’’, 310 Pounds
(HOU: 88th pick)

91st Pick - Los Angeles Chargers
Erik McCoy - Offensive Guard
Texas A&M - Redshirt Junior
6’4’’, 315 Pounds

92nd Pick - Cleveland Browns (from New England Patriots)
Johnathan Abram - Strong Safety
Mississippi State - Senior
6’0’’, 215 Pounds
(already projected trade)

93rd Pick - Arizona Cardinals (from New York Jets via New Orleans Saints)
Hunter Renfrow - Wide Receiver
Clemson - Redshirt Senior
5’10’’, 185 Pounds
(already projected trade; NYJ: 104th pick, 140th pick)

One more stab at this, the Cardinals traded down twice, now they trade up for the second time. This time, I come up for a receiver who’s got similar traits to N’Keal Harry, who I grabbed in the first round. Hunter Renfrow has had an unbelievable career at Clemson for a former walk-on, and he’s going to be drafted, despite his small frame. This is probably one of the better slot route-runners in this draft. He’s smooth out of his breaks, and does as precise routes as anyone in college football. Remember, the Cardinals need a completely new receivers room next year, and that’s even with Larry (if he returns), Christian Kirk, and Trent Sherfield.

94th Pick - Kansas City Chiefs
Marlon Davidson - Defensive End
Auburn - Junior
6’3’’, 278 Pounds

95th Pick - Jacksonville Jaguars (from Los Angeles Rams)
Anthony Johnson - Wide Receiver
Buffalo - Senior
6’2’’, 225 Pounds
(already projected trade)

96th Pick - Washington Redskins (via Compensatory)
Tre Lamar - Outside Linebacker
Louisiana State - Junior
6’3’’, 255 Pounds

97th Pick - Minnesota Vikings (from Los Angeles Rams via Compensatory)
Nasir Adderley - Cornerback
Delaware - Senior
5’11’’, 185 Pounds
(LAR: 84th pick)

98th Pick - New England Patriots (via Compensatory)
Terry Buckner Jr. - Defensive Tackle
Missouri - Senior
6’4’’, 320 Pounds
(NE: 87th pick)

99th Pick - Minnesota Vikings (from Los Angeles Rams via Compensatory)
Garrett Brumfield - Offensive Guard
Louisiana State - Redshirt Senior
6’4’’, 303 Pounds

(LAR: 84th pick)
100th Pick - Carolina Panthers (via Compensatory)
Jake Breeland - Tight End
Oregon - Redshirt Junior

6’5’’, 245 Pounds

101st Pick - New England Patriots (via Compensatory)
Zach Gentry - Tight End
Michigan - Senior
6’8’’, 262 Pounds

102nd Pick - Baltimore Ravens (via Compensatory)
D’Andre Walker - Outside Linebacker
Georgia - Senior
6’3’’, 245 Pounds

(No New York Giants Pick; canceled by comp)