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26 Tweets that told the story of the Arizona Cardinals’ humiliating 40-14 loss to the Atlanta Falcons

Change seems to be all but assured in the desert after another blowout. What did Twitter have to say about it?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you think it can’t any worse, the Arizona Cardinals seem to find a way.


Arizona lost 40-14 and Twitter had a LOT to say about it.

The game started off good enough (as it often does) with Arizona stopping the Falcons and turning around with big plays from David Johnson for a 7-0 start.

DJ finished the way he started: on fire.

But after was all Falcons.

The Falcons’ depleted defense stepped up big time and Arizona’s 32nd ranked offense couldn’t handle it.

And off a batted ball, the worst case happened:

The pick was on a screen pass, which, has been an issue with the offense all season long.

Rosen had another fumble that the Falcons turned into points, but it didn’t stop there. In a bizarre reversal of a game in Atlanta a few years back in which AZ’s defense forced FIVE Matt Ryan interceptions, it was Rosen who turned the ball over three times in this game:

Soon enough, the Falcons scored 40, yes 40 unanswered points over the next few quarters, with more passing yards and more rushing yards than the Cardinals had total yards of offense.

The Falcons were dead last in rushing in the NFL (heard that before at least 3 times, right?) and finished.....not last.

There were 7 rookies, (7!) playing on offense, but it was still.

It was an utter embarrassment to say the least.

The least.

In the end, Rosen was benched for Mike Glennon. Most likely he’ll be starting next week but AZ wanted to protect their investment. The game couldn’t have gone worse except for an injury.


It shouldn’t be a surprise that two questions came out of today’s game.

First.....does Rosen sit the rest of the season to be protected?

It’ll be something to watch over the last two games given the hits he’s taken.

As for the other question?

Well, no surprise it was about the job status of Steve Wilks and Steve Keim, starting with a report from Jason LaCanfora (who broke the Peterson trade rumors) at the beginning of the game with the Raiders potentially having interest in Keim.

The discussion has started...and it won’t stop anytime soon.

And sure enough, some insider reports seem to be trickling out in addition to LaCanfora’s and the RapSheet report from last week:

However, some disagree on the status of Steve Keim himself. And there’s definitely valid reasons to keep him.

What are your thoughts, Cards fans?

I’m sure you have PLENTY.

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