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Michael Bidwill has big decisions to make for the Arizona Cardinals moving forward

With the Cardinals looking worse and worse each week, the team president will have big decisions to make in two weeks.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Press Conference Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

For years the Arizona Cardinals have been bad.

Over a five season stretch with Bruce Arians and Steve Keim directing the ship they had their most successful regular season run in franchise history and it felt like a corner was turned.

Arians and Keim had changed the idea of the moribund Cardinals into a franchise that could compete, that was no longer considered a laughing stock and that would be a destination.

One season later the franchise seems to be back at rock bottom.

That’s how quick the NFL can change and no one said it better than the Cardinals former head coach…

Now, the onus is back on Michael Bidwill to decide the direction of the franchise moving forward.

Do the Arizona Cardinals dare bring back Steve Wilks for a second season as head coach?

If they are willing to move on from Wilks, will they allow Keim to choose another head coach?

If they do allow Keim to choose the next head coach, what type of rope do they give the duo? The idea that Keim would get to pick three coaches in seven seasons is quite a bit of faith in the GM, but there are those who believe he has earned it the right.

The question is does Bidwill agree.

If he does agree, for how long?

The Cardinals have not had been over .500 since 2015.

They have no first or second round picks from Keim’s first two drafts that will be on a second contract and now they may have no first round pick from 2015 or 2016.

It’s been a struggle recently, but Keim has cache with the Bidwill.

No matter what, the decisions that Bidwill has coming are heavy ones.