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Twitter Reacts to the Arizona Cardinals’ 20-17 Win Over The Green Bay Packers

The Cardinals came away with a surprising victory. How did Twitter react to their first win in Lambeau?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Green Bay Packers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Baby, it was cold outside.

Maybe not 10 degrees cold but with the 30 degree weather and heavy windchill it was an experience that most fans at the game will want to remember.

Before the game, some news broke about the Cardinals and the future of their head coach and GM situations:

The game started out with Arizona forcing two Packer punts, but couldn’t get much going on the ground and there were some defensive and special teams concerns with tackling:

Rosen also seemed to have his share of struggles in some tough weather conditions as well, and didn’t get off to a great start after picking up a few first downs:

Early in the 2nd quarter, the Packers took over in good field position and drove down the field. On 4th down the Packers went for it and....

Touchdown Davante Adams. Rogers wasn’t pressured much and Adams got away from Cards defenders without Patrick Peterson on him.

And Adams is very good as well.

Chase Edmonds had a nice start to the day, showcasing some of the positives about this rookie class:

The Cardinals even got off to a solid drive after including getting Rosen some time and getting some more rookies.

Offense bounced back, with pure effort from Chase Edmonds.

But wait.....there was a review was overturned. Welp. Sorry, Chase. But fortunately, it didn’t matter and he finally got in for his first NFL score.

The Packers had some time and started driving down the field, some more missed tackles and the Packers approached the Cardinals territory.

Budda Baker went down in the game with an injury, possibly the same knee injury he’s been battling.

Here’s hoping it wasn’t anything serious.

UPDATE: Budda came back and played in the 2nd half, so a sigh of relief from Cardinals’ fans.

Packers kept driving as the half came to a close. Could the Cards hold?

Turns out, they could.

Two pressures from Chandler Jones and the Packers went to kick a field goal instead taking a 10-7 lead into the half.

Chandler Jones made his presence known.

But at the half it was a, well, pretty boring game overall.

To start the 2nd half the Cardinals and Packers traded punts, with neither team being able to move the ball well.

It looked pretty bad for the Packers.

It wasn’t all good news.

Mike Iupati, the only starting offensive lineman left from Week 1 was carted off in the 3rd quarter.

He’s experienced nothing but injury problems after the 2018 season started.

The Cardinals utilized Christian Kirk and ended up tying the game with a Zane Gonzalez field goal.

After a Packer’s 3 and out, Arizona had some momentum.

Josh Rosen and Chase Edmonds suddenly broke off and started taking over.

Edmonds had his best game of the season, with two touchdowns on the day.

Rodgers came back though. He always comes back.

And Green Bay ended up driving down the field to tie the game on a run by Aaron Jones.

The Cardinals were tied and needed help. In trouble and back on 3rd and 23...(forever) came the play of the day...

Even Vikings fans were thrilled about Fitz’s catch over their rival.

So...AZ went down and what was going to happen? Would Zane Gonzalez miss?

He hit his kick, 2/2 on the day for the Red birds.

Post Game, we’ll need to follow up on this but it’s impressive that Arizona managed to get the drive down despite a hobbling Kirk.

But Rodgers wasn’t done and in true dramatic fashion, drove the team down the field.

Because Cardinals/Packers isn’t complete without drama.

After an overthrow in the endzone, Mason Crosby came in to kick and....



...WHOA. Didn’t see that one coming!

Not a good look for Green Bay, either....

Some fans, of course, felt the game was meaningless....but there’s still always meaning for the young guys on the team.

Statistically, it’s crazy just how long it’s been since the Cards have won on the road against the Packers...

In any case, there’s really only two tweets that can sum up the game, both courtesy of Shane Dale:

Now that’s what I call...nice.

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