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Arizona Cardinals at Green Bay Packers second half thread

The Arizona Cardinals are in a close one through one half against the Green Bay Packers.

Arizona Cardinals v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

It was a better first half than many expected, but it also showed by our buddies at Acme Packing Company were not going with the blowout win takes like most Cardinals fans were.

Both quarterbacks are trying to make plays in bad conditions, and Aaron Rodgers is showing that he has way, way more experience in it.

However, the Cardinals defense is playing well enough and giving the Cardinals offense a chance.

The bad news is that Budda Baker, already dealing with a knee injury, had to be mildly helped off the field after having an issue with the same knee and is unlikely to return today.

In the first half, the Cardinals had a great, sustained drive that was capped off by a Chase Edmonds six yard touchdown run, the first of his career.

Chandler Jones has a sack and two tackles for loss on the day as he continues his dominant season.

Rosen is 7/13 for 67 yards.

David Johnson has 10 carries for 34 yards.