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Mike McCarthy fired after loss to Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals put the final nail in the McCarthy coffin.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Green Bay Packers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are a bad football team.

Now, I didn’t think they were lose your job if you lose to them bad, but the Green Bay Packers apparently disagree.

After the Packers lost 20-17 to the Arizona Cardinals at home, they announced they were letting go of veteran Head Coach Mike McCarthy.

In his stead the team will turn to offensive coordinator and former Miami Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin.

McCarthy’s run in Green Bay can only be described as highly successful, as he finishes his career at 125-76-2 with a Super Bowl win.

However, the last several years have been something to forget and as the Packers continued to fall short of expectations, especially as Aaron Rodgers nears the end of his career, the Packers decided it was time to move on and see what they could get in Rodgers last couple years in the organization. Or even potentially extending his career with a coach he is more comfortable with

McCarthy’s voice and playbook seemed to have gotten stale at the end and in an ever evolving NFL, the worst thing you can be is stale and predictable.

However, McCarthy has already been tied to the the job in Cleveland, mentoring Baker Mayfield for the Browns, so it’ll likely be a short vacation for McCarthy.

His last game will be one to forget, but his overall impact on the Packers organization will always be important.