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Week 16 Saturday Night Football: Washington Redskins at Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Chargers

Talk about the Week 16 Saturday Night Football lineup.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

It is week 16 of the 2018 NFL season and there are two games tonight with playoff implications, even though it feels like only one matters.

No, despite the injuries and apathy, the Washington Redskins are still in the playoff hunt and tonight’s game against the Tennessee Titans could be a pivotal one in deciding if either team makes the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the night game is one of the top three games of the week, with two playoff teams facing off in what could be a round one matchup.

It could be a fun Saturday and here is everything you need to know.

Washington Redskins (7-7) at Tennessee Titans (8-6), 2:30 pm Arizona time, NFL Network
Titans - 10.5
Over/Under: 37.5

Titans 31
Redskins 16

Baltimore Ravens (8-6) at Los Angeles Chargers (11-3), 6:20pm, NFL Netowrk
Chargers -4
Over/Under: 42

Ravens 24
Chargers 23

The Ravens and Chargers game will be a fantastic one, with two of the better defenses in the NFL facing off.

Can the Ravens continue to own the clock and beat teams up or will the Chargers high-flying offense keep pumping out big games?