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Arizona Cardinals offered Mike McCarthy full control of team per report

Per CBS Sports, the Arizona Cardinals offered Mike McCarthy the keys to the kingdom and he passed.

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Per Jason LaCanfora, the Cardinals offered Mike McCarthy full control of the roster and personnel decisions—-yet apparently McCarthy has declined the offer. Here is the link:

If true—-one has to concede how miserable the state of affairs has become in Arizona.

LaCanfora alluded to uncertainty surrounding QB Josh Rosen and the future of superstar CB Patrick Peterson who “desperately” wanted out of Arizona at the trading deadline—-as possible deterrents.

If Steve Wilks is fired tomorrow, as every NFL pundit this side of Venus has reported—-one would think that this 1-and-done head coaching scenario would not invoke the confidence of applicants.

Compounding the matter, Cardinals’ icons Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson (ironically) are professing their staunch belief in Wilks as a “leader of men” and that he should remain the head coach because they play hard for him. Really. This is not made up.

Furthermore, LaCanfora predicts that because the Cardinals won’t be able to attract a key overseer of personnel, Steve Keim will be retained, with the hope of landing a competent head coach—-candidates which he apparently has been researching for weeks.

Meanwhile, the team owner and president broods silently from a distance, while Cardinals’ fans are suffering through one of the most embarrassingly futile seasons in the history of the franchise, Chicago, St. Louis, Arizona or otherwise.

You are a Cardinals’ fan—-what is your solution?

Can dedicated, passionate fans make a difference?

If there is one iota of a chance—-we should do everything we possibly can to make our voices heard.

What do you wish to say to Michael Bidwill?

Address your thoughts to him.

Rise up Red Sea and drown out this miserable silence.

Make your wishes clear and I will send this petition tonight to Bidwill.