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15 Tweets that summed up the Arizona Cardinals’ loss to the Seattle Seahawks

The season finale had the Cardinals fall to the Seahawks in Seattle for the first time since 2014.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona cardinals went out the same way they came in...with a loss.

However, it was a far more competitive one than the team had any reason to have heading into their season finale against the rival Seattle Seahawks.

Let’s take a look at the story of the game, via Twitter:

Tweet #1:

Josh Rosen got off to a rough start, but the Cardinals were playing well on defense and special teams, a nice change of pace for once.

Who thought that might happen with the Cards?

Seattle scored the first touchdown of the game, however, after the Cardinals’ offense stalled and kicked a field goal.

It came off of a Rosen fumble on a sack, something that has plagued the team in pass protection all year long.

The Cardinals managed to turn it around though with a blocked punt of Seahawks punter Michael Dickson. AZ special teams was getting it done!

They then turned it into points, and managed to keep up with a playoff team. What was happening in Seattle?

Some Cards fans....who wanted the #1 pick...weren’t too thrilled, however. There were boos for how the team managed to take a sack with no timeouts on 3rd down and no timeouts left for a kick.

People weren’t impressed to say the least with how AZ was either competing....or struggling. At least pick a side!

And neither were Seahawks fans with how their team was playing.

One of the game’s turning points came on a sack/fumble of Russell Wilson that Patrick Peterson scooped up and ran into the endzone....only to have it come back due to a holding call.


Seattle followed up that miscue with a long run, which has plagued the Cardinals all season long. Right up the gut.


Seattle turned that into points, with a terrible blown coverage.

But man, did the Arizona Cardinals manage to bounce back...

They blocked a SECOND punt from Seattle, and this one rolled into the endzone for Arizona and rookie LB Dennis Gardeck to pounce on. We have a tie game, folks!

In the end, Seattle scored a field goal, but Rosen got the ball back and in the hurry-up offense, drove the team down the field.

Only for Trent Sherfield to drop a first down and possibly game-winning throw, forcing AZ to kick to tie the game.

Which, was one of the biggest positives overall of the day.

Russell Wilson took over with under 2 minutes and two timeouts and...well. You knew what was coming.

Wilson and the Seahawks offense drove down for an easy field goal and Arizona got it’s 13th, and final, loss of the season.

And in the at least had something to be happy about in defeat:

The #1 overall pick.

There’s a lot of questions to be answered still, but at least we got a fun, competitive game to end the season on.

And now, the mystery of how this team can try to improve....begins.