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Arizona Cardinals fire Steve Wilks after only one season as head coach

The Arizona Cardinals announced that they are firing Steve Wilks after only one season.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

The end is here.

The Arizona Cardinals have made it official, announcing that Steve Wilks tenure as head coach is in fact one and done.

The Arizona Cardinals finished off the 2018 season as the undisputed worst team in the NFL, finishing with a 3-13 record and picking first in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Wilks was in over his head from the jump.

In game one, the Cardinals were completely outplayed by the Washington Redskins and looked like they were completely shocked by that the Skins did in the game.

Game two it became evident that they were overmatched and overwhelmed in a 33-0 shutout loss to the LA Rams.

Week three, we saw Wilks try and develop some toughness and accountability, but did so at the wrong time.

The team pulled David Johnson out, on 3-2, and ran a long developing counter play with rookie Chase Edmonds, losing three yards.

It was the same story the next week in a loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

The Cards, with a chance to salt the game away with one first down, decided instead to attempt a long field goal that was missed by Phil Dawson.

Wilks personality and coaching belief showed up and it showed at that point that he wasn’t the man for the job:

Four weeks into the season, the Revenge of the Birds site was already looking to 2019.

It was obvious, even after two wins over the San Francisco 49ers in four weeks, that this season was a bust.

At the midway point, the Cardinals were 2-6 and boasted the worst offense in the NFL.

The bye week made it seem like things were getting better, a respectable loss against the best team in the AFC, then the very next week they lost, at home, to the Oakland Raiders, who had one win at that point.

After the Raiders loss, the Cardinals were outscored 177 to 80 over the last six games, where they went 1-5.

It was the worst defensive team the Cardinals have produced since the Ken Whisenhunt era and the Cardinals offense was legitimately one of the worst the NFL has seen since the turn of the century.

Wilks however, was never one to waiver in his belief or change his idea of what it would take to be successful. This was part of the reason he failed in his first season as a head coach.

Wilks the man is one of the more impressive people you will meet and listen to talk. He will continue to be a successful NFL coach, and who knows, in three or four years, he may be ready and better prepared to succeed as an NFL head coach.

No matter what, thank you for your time in the desert, even if it did not turn over the results everyone had hoped for.

Good luck in whatever the next step is in your career.