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Arizona Cardinals three round 2019 NFL Mock Draft

Taking a look at three potential early round draft picks for the Arizona Cardinals.

Houston v Rice Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals won on Sunday giving them the fourth pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.

What could it look like for the Arizona Cardinals?

Let’s take a look.

1st Round (4th Overall Selection)
Ed Oliver - Defensive Tackle
Houston - Junior
6’3’’, 285 Pounds

Guys, I really don’t want to start a debate about who the Cardinals should take in the first, but let’s go ahead and try to address it here. Yes, Ed Oliver may be short or undersized, but he’s a very physical and fast defensive tackle off the line. If not for Bosa, a lot of GM’s would be gushing over selecting the man who demands a double team on a game by game basis. Plus, to get your defense to be successful in the 4-3, you need plug defensive tackles who are constantly pushing the interior pocket. Oliver can do that consistently, so even if Mr. Oliver is 6’1’’, 275 pounds, he’s still in my eyes the best prospect at four.

Who’s available if not Oliver? Quinnen Williams has one year of starter experience. He’s probably a disruptor and interior penetrator, but how much is that dependent on the already potent defense at Bama.

Devin White? He’s literally going to battle Mack Wilson of ‘bama all through draft season, as they both are likely heading between 10-22. If we are talking about size, then why don’t people talk about Jonah Williams’ size? He’s currently listed at 6’5’’, but if he comes up 6’4’’, is he subject to a guard switch? I’m not selecting a guard at 2, nope.

2nd Round
Dalton Risner - Offensive Guard
Kansas State - Redshirt Senior
6’5’’, 310 Pounds

When converting a right tackle to a guard, it’s a difficult transition, but it can transform your career. Joel Bitonio was a good left tackle at Nevada before the Browns moved him to left guard, which transformed his career.

The Cardinals honestly get arguably the best guard in the second round.

3rd Round
Mitch Hyatt - Offensive Tackle
Clemson - Senior
6’5’’, 310 Pounds

Similar to Risner, the Cardinals get another plug-and-play lineman in a solid class. This time, I’m keeping Hyatt at his natural position; left tackle. Hyatt takes over for Humphries, and that’s great to me. It’s never a good idea to start a rookie so early, but I like the intangibles that Mitch Hyatt brings. He’s very smart, playing against Alabama, and for the most part, keeping up with their edge-rushers. I don’t care, it’s time to put some assets to the test, and I’m ready to test rookies out as soon as they walk through the red doors.

What do you think?