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Does Offensive Tempo Matter?

Minnesota Vikings v New England Patriots Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

Today on Twitter, Nick Mensio, a writer for Rotoworld, posted the top 10 fastest offenses in neutral situations (meaning not counting late game hurry-up offenses by necessity) and the 10 slowest:

10 Fastest Paced Offenses:

1. #Patriots

2. #Colts

3. #Rams

4. #Ravens

5. #Broncos

6. #Bucs

7. #Chiefs

8. #Texans

9. #Bengals

10. #Steelers

10 Slowest Paced Offenses:

32. #Lions

31. #Redskins

30. #Panthers

29. #Raiders

28. #Jets

27. #Dolphins

26. #Eagles

25. #Tians

24. #Cardinals

23. #Seahawks

When you glance at the teams in each category, what quick conclusions can you draw?

Is today’s faster offensive pace related to winning?

In the Fastest group:

  • Half of the teams (5) are leading their division.
  • Only 2 of the 10 teams have losing records.
  • These teams have a combined record of 75-44-1.

In the Slowest group:

  • None of the teams are leading their division.
  • Only 1 team has a winning record (and they are #23—-the Seahawks)
  • These teams have a combined record of 49-71.


  • Yes—-today’s fastest paced offenses give their teams a better chance of winning games.
  • A key stat for some progressive coaches—-number of offensive plays.
  • The thinking is—-if you run more offensive plays than your opponent, your odds for winning increase.
  • The other major part of thinking is that a faster paced offense makes it more difficult for defenses to (a) substitute players, (b) organize blitz calls/pass coverage shifts and (c) maintain their stamina, particularly late in games when so many games are won or lost.

Relevance to Cardinals (my opinion):

  • Josh Rosen is a modern day up tempo QB.
  • Rosen is not as good a fit in a slower, more methodical offense.
  • There is not one offensive coach on the current staff who has run a modern-day up tempo offense.
  • This is the most imminent reason why the Cardinals need to change the GM and HC, as neither has embraced the new age and rage of American football.

As Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) said in Caddy Shack—-”let’s go while we’re young.”

“That’s the ugliest hat I have ever seen....but it looks good on YOU, Wang!” (Czervik)