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Pro Bowl Worthy Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Here is the link where you can vote for the Cardinals you think are worthy of being selected for the Pro Bowl this year.

I cast my vote for 4 players:

  • DE Chandler Jones—-3rd in the NFL in sacks (12).
  • FS Antoine Bethea—-1st in tackles for NFL safeties (97).
  • P Andy Lee—-tied for the highest average in the NFL (48.8).
  • ST Ezekiel Turner—-tied for NFL lead in ST tackles (13).

I wanted to vote for SS Budda Baker, but I think Landon Collins (Giants*—on IR) , Jamal Adams (Jets), Shawn Williams (Bengals) and John Johnson (Rams) are having slightly better seasons. But, with Collins going on the IR, maybe Budda can make it as an alternate.

Can you make a case for anyone else? Do you agree with the 4 Cardinals I voted for? Should Budda be on this list? I would value your opinions.