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14 Tweets that told the story of the Detroit Lions win over the Arizona Cardinals

What tweets told the story of the 17-3 loss to the Detroit Lions?

NFL: Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals Detroit Lions on Sunday.

It was a GORGEOUS day outside....but there was definitely some concern about the field conditions overall. Guys kept slipping on the poor field, which per Dave Pasch is set to be changed out after today’s game.

The game started with a bang—Budda Baker being Budda Baker and forcing a big time turnover to stop a driving Lions offense on their first possession.

The poor field conditions led to some sloppy play and two big-time Lions defenders left the game.

There was little scoring to be found, all day. It wasn’t even “good defense” so much as “bad offenses”.

AZ had a chance to tie the game go.

At halftime....

It wasn’t all bad news though—the one and only Larry Legend kept his consecutive games with a catch streak alive and set a new one of his own:

It was brutal to watch Lions players dropping left and right and the Cardinals STILL couldn’t take advantage.

And then just as AZ was getting into a rhythm? Disaster struck...

And after that, AZ drove down and settled for a field goal but when they needed to just hold on down a score....

And that was it. Arizona drops down to 3-10 and if the team took “one step forward” against the Packers, this game was two steps back.

And now Steve Wilks has another week of questions about his job...

All in all, it wasn’t going to happen but this sums it up well enough:

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