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Arizona Cardinals anemic offense dominated by Detroit Lions in 17-3 loss

The Arizona Cardinals were just dominated at home against the lowly Detroit Lions.

Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Well, the Arizona Cardinals are an awful football team.

That’s not really a revelation based on the results thus far through the season, but each week brings new and concerning situations.

The latest is the ongoing concern over whether or not Josh Rosen is good, or whether his play is a byproduct of one of the worst rosters and coaching staffs in the NFL.

Today, after their “impressive” win over the Green Bay Packers, the Cardinals came in and predictably laid an egg at home to a bad Detroit Lions team.

They lost 17-3, and their offense was basically lifeless the entire game.

Defensively, they put up a decent fight, but in the fourth quarter, after going down the field and getting a 22-yard field goal from Zane Gonzalez to cut the score to 10-3, the Cardinals were gashed.

Zach Zenner carried the ball seven times for 42 yards and a touchdown, on a drive that took the air out of their sails, but also showed the inherent flaws of the team.

There is no toughness, there is no tenacity, there is not a never say die attitude, instead it is simply a group of players, ranging in talent, on the field.

It shows, as drive to drive you get varying level of results, ranging from dynamic and playmaking, Budda Baker’s strip and fumble recovery on the first drive, to demoralizing on the Zenner touchdown drive.

There is no consistency.

However, the lack of consistency pails in comparison to the actual offense, which is just putrid and ineffective.

Rosen put up 240 yards passing, but they were mostly meaningless late in the game. Instead, he missed throws, had to rush on others and was hit and sacked 11 total times by a bad Lions pass rush.

That is where the Cardinals are right now.




There is no consistency drive to drive let alone game to game.

The question is, where does it come from?