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Arizona Cardinals 2018 offseason preview podcast

Rise Up, See Red and listen to the newest Arizona Cardinals podcast.

New York Giants v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are in offseason mode is in full swing and with that there comes questions all over the field.

Jess and I got together to talk about what needs to happen this offseason.

We take a look at the Cardinals coaching staff and what they do well.

From there, we discuss the Jimmy Garoppolo contract and how that will effect the rest of the quarterbacks in the NFL.

Finally, a look at potential cost saving moves the Cardinals could make this offseason and getting their salary cap space into and how that could translate into quarterback options this offseason.

Here are the topics and approximate time stamps as always thanks to Jess for doing the hard work and getting us the times for each topic.

(2:30) What we know about the Cardinals coaching staff

(5:10) The Jimmy Garoppolo contract and what it means for the Cardinals

(17:31) Salary saving moves Arizona can make and whether they make sense

(45:29) Quarterback options before the draft — Kirk Cousins, Nick Foles and more