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Five wide receivers to watch in free agency for the Arizona Cardinals

Five big name wide receivers who could immediately boost the Arizona Cardinals WR ranks.

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As the offseason trudges along one thing is for certain, the Arizona Cardinals have some work to do.

Getting away from just the quarterback position, one position that has to be addressed in some fashion this free agency and draft period is that of wide receiver.

The Cardinals current wide receiver depth chart is a Hall of Fame lock and a bunch of guys.

Sure Chad Williams will take a step in 2018, but even if he turns into a strong wide receiver two, the Cardinals depth at the receiver position leaves quite a but to be desired.

Today, we’ll focus on free agency

The names are nice, but who would fit in with the Cardinals?

  1. Jarvis Landry - (25) Likely to get a five year $70 million deal. He’s a player who you could plug in for Larry Fitzgerald and not lose much in terms of production. Could he and Fitz work for one year, assuming Fitz is back, and also, can you make any decision based on Fitz at this point?
  2. Donte Moncrief - (24) Moncrief could be a nice discount addition. He’s a high level athlete who has battled injuries and inconsistencies. He’d be used in a similar role to Michael Floyd and give the Cardinals some size at the position.
  3. Allen Robinson - (24) Maybe the best receiver in this group, this will be a leap of faith, as Robinson is coming off a torn ACL, but his upside is undeniable, he’s a game changer, but at what cost coming off the injury? He's a WR1, an alpha, a Dez Bryant type, but you have to put a lot of faith into your training staff.
  4. Sammy Watkins - (24) Speaking of training staff... Another massive talent, but at what cost. He’s a dynamic threat when on the field. The question is simply, how often will he be on the field? Is he going to command a high dollar contract, if so, is he the one you want to risk it on?
  5. Terrelle Pryor - (28) He thought he would get a big contract after showing out in Washington, but struggled and now is a budget option for a team looking for a player with big upside. He has spectacular ability, but needs a full season of health and stability to get the big payday he's looking for.

All of those names are number one type receivers who could come in and play alongside and take some of the burden away from Fitz. Yet, with the way the Cardinals are structured right now, they may not have a chance at any of these types.

So what about tier two or three players at wide receiver?

Youngish, names to know: Albert Wilson, Cody Latimer, Dontrelle Inman and Jordan Matthews are all players who have had success, whether it was in a single game or over a season. They'll all come in as WR2/3 type, but they have upside as young (outside of Inman) players.

Who do you think makes the most sense and is attainable for the Arizona Cardinals?