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Arizona Cardinals Coaching Staff: Assistant DL Coach Chris Achuff

The Cardinals brought in a voice with experience working with young lineman.

With the announcement of the Arizona Cardinals filling out the rest of their initial coaching staff for Steve Wilks first season as the Arizona Cardinals head coach.

Let’s get to know that coaching staff.

Chris Achuff is now the Arizona Cardinals assistant defensive line coach. He is making his initial foray into the NFL after 19 long seasons in the college ranks.

The last nine years of Achuff’s career was spent with the Baylor Bears as their defensive line coach, from 2008-16.

While there is further history in Achuff’s career, Baylor is interesting to look back on.

Over his tenure with the Bears, Achuff had two defensive linemen drafted, Phil Taylor in the first round in 2011 and Andrew Billings in the fourth round in 2016.

It’ll be interesting to see Achuff in the NFL for the first time, although working with defensive line coach Don Johnson, more on him later in the day, will likely be a nice grooming for Achuff if the Cardinals like his growth.

He has worked with many young defensive linemen over the last decade, and his ability to mold defensive linemen in a way that made the Bears defense passable when that was not their game.

Achuff has the feeling of a guy who the Cardinals would like to bring in and groom for bigger things, working with Johnson (63), the 42-year old will be a voice for many of the young players, we’ll see how he does in that role.