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Will Cardinals Bust a Move for QB?

Will the Arizona Cardinals make a bold move for a quarterback?

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I once watched a good friend of mine, John “Troosh” Truccio, despite looking at an empty dance floor, go and ask woman after woman after woman to dance---and each time he got shot down I got more and more red in the face, while Trooosh remained steadfast and undeterred. Six women, seven, eight, nine---all said no. Some laughed at him---some rolled their eyes. Finally, the 14th woman said yes! They were on the dance floor all night and a year later, I had the honor of giving the toast at their wedding.

That night I learned that if you really want something, you’d better go after it and stay after it.

Thus, I would love to see the Cardinals be aggressive in their approach to acquiring their QB. Here are the scenarios that excite me the most:

Doors Number 1, 2 & 3.

1. Trade for Nick Foles. I love Foles’ poise, accuracy and character. In those respects, He reminds me of Kurt Warner. I believe that the Cardinals and Foles are a perfect match. Foles is heading into his prime and would be our QB for the next 5-7 years. If the cost of the trade is too much, then I fully commit myself to door #2.

2. Trade up in the draft for Lamar Jackson. I don’t want to risk waiting for him, I want to go and get him. I don’t even care who the bridge QB would be, because I want to start Jackson asap. Jackson is humble, diligent, tough and ultra competitive. He is a big play waiting to happen on every snap. If we can’t get someone to trade up with and Jackson is taken, then I knock on door #3.

3. Trade up in the draft for Josh Allen. Talent-wise, he’s the stud QB in this draft. He’s a turbo version of Carson Wentz. Yes, he’s struggled at times with accuracy (while surrounded with mediocre talent in a program he helped turn around), but I am convinced that because of his innate talent, work ethic, hunger and eagerness to learn, he will become one of the most dynamic QBs in the NFL.

Fall Back Plan:

4. If we miss out on Foles, Jackson and Allen, draft BPA at #15, then trade back up into one of the last few picks in the first round or early second round picks (giving up the #47 & #97 picks, plus, if it’s back into the 1st round, a 2019 3rd round pick) and draft Kyle Lauletta or Luke Falk. I like them both, but in different ways. Lauletta has the stronger arm and mobility, while Falk has the edge in length and accuracy.

If the Price is Right:

1. Tyrod Taylor. I think his best football is ahead of him. Surround him with talent and he could shine. Love the 51/18 TD/int ratio and his ability to dodge pressure.

2. Case Keenum. He is a winner. Tough, gritty competitor who constantly looks to take what the defense gives him.

3. A.J. McCarron. Sounds like he has humbled and become hungry to prove he’s a very good starting QB.

* if we sign any of these three to a multiple year deal, then if Jackson and Allen are off the board at #15, take BPA and draft a QB with one of the 3 picks on Day 2.

QBs To Avoid:

1. Kirk Cousins. Too much hype and money.

2. Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater. Too risky due to knee issues.

3. Josh Rosen. Immature and there are concussion concerns.

4. Baker Mayfield. Immature. Lack of size and speed will make things much more difficult for him in the NFL.

Back in the early 1980s, I had the opportunity to work for John Madden on a project. During a meeting at his NYC apartment in the Dakota Building, he slapped me on the back with a fwap. He wore huge rings on both hands. One was his Super Bowl XI ring and the other was a ring of 100 diamonds his wife bought him after he had become the youngest coach in NFL history to win 100 games.

I will never forget the very first thing he asked me. He said, “There are three kinds of people in life: people who make things happen---people who watch things happen---and people who don’t know what the frack’s happening!” Madden guffawed and asked, “Which kind are you?”

Well, I hope this year the Cardinals are going to make things happen. You know, like Troosh did, as in---bust a move.