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How will the Arizona Cardinals rebuild their offensive line?

What route do the Cardinals take to address the offensive line for 2018?

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are looking through their options at a number of positions.

The most intriguing outcome won’t be at quarterback, although that’s the most important one, but instead how they decide to build the offensive line with new newly signed offensive line coach Ray Brown.

Brown has been integral in developing both young players and helping veterans get back on track. However, his most success has been through the draft.

That’s why this offseason will be interesting to watch.

Do the Cardinals invest in the offensive line in a number of draft picks, or do they find some different players to fill in need spots and build the OL slowly?

The draft has some solid inside line talent, but the tackle talent is not as strong.

Of course, the Cardinals could keep Jared Veldheer and look to address the interior line through the draft.

It will be a fun time to watch the Cardinals and how they decide to attack the offensive line this offseason… For what feels like sixth year in a row under Steve Keim.