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Peter King predicts A.J. McCarron to be next Arizona Cardinals quarterback

The Cardinals could be getting a different young backup to start at quarterback.

Chicago Bears v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by John Grieshop/Getty Images

One of the most intriguing aspects of the NFL offseason as a whole is the likely quarterback carousel that will take place.

A large number of teams will have new starting quarterbacks in 2018, and even a number of teams will be drafting for the future to replace the incumbent starter at quarterback.

Peter King, long time NFL writer and fairly dialed in to what’s going on listed how he believes the quarterback carousel will land, one of the teams he listed as in desperate need of a quarterback was the Arizona Cardinals.

Here’s what King had to say:

Arizona: A.J. McCarron. This would, of course, break Hue Jackson’s heart. But I just think the alternatives for McCarron are these: Go to Cleveland, and risk the Browns drafting a quarterback high in the first round, and risk being in the same place he was in Cincinnati, behind Andy Dalton, for the next three or four years … or go to Arizona (or another spot that won’t draft a passer high) and be handed the starting job on a team with a playoff defense. Not a very tough choice in my mind. Of course, when you’re guessing, no choice is very hard.

This just made our good friend A.P. Andes week, happy Monday, bud.

It does make sense. The Cardinals likely lack the financial ability to overpay Kirk Cousins compared to teams like the Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings who offer similar (if not better) offensive and defensive tools.

Moreover, the Cardinals offer McCarron a chance while also giving the team an out to draft a QB in year two or three of the Wilks era.

It’s not sexy by any means, but it is a move that could pay off, cost less than any alternative: Nick Foles would cost a 1st and 3rd rounder and $20mil a year, Case Keenum is looking for $20+ mil a year and give the Cardinals a good chance of winning.

However, King had something else interesting to say about the Cardinals situation:

Also: I wouldn’t be surprised to see Arizona focus on Sam Bradford and pick a rookie in the first or second round to supplement him.

This is another bridge type of deal for the Cardinals with two investments early and likely costly, in the quarterback position.

However, as we’ve discussed, if you’re bringing in Sam Bradford, you absolutely have to bring in a high level backup or young quarterback because you have no idea how long Bradford can stand, little alone play in the NFL at a high level.

What do you think?