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Why The Arizona Cardinals Should Draft a QB in the 1st Round

The Arizona Cardinals need to invest in a quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Super Bowl LII - Previews Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

If an NFL team wants to maximize its chances for winning a Super Bowl, it needs to draft a promising QB in the 1st round, put complete faith in him, coach him well, surround him with a good supporting cast and stay true to the course.

When one looks at the last 14 Super Bowl winning QBs [Tom Brady (4), Peyton Manning (2), Eli Manning (2), Ben Roethlisberger (2), Russell Wilson (1), Joe Flacco (1), Aaron Rodgers (1), Drew Brees (1)]...what do 7 of 8 of them have in common?

Answer: 7 of the 8 were drafted by the team they won the Super Bowl with. Exception: Drew Brees (drafted by the Chargers and won with the Saints).

Of the 8 QB, how many of them were drafted in the 1st 32 picks of the draft?

Answer: 6 of 8. The anomalies are Tom Brady (200) and Russell Wilson (75).

Of the 8 QBs how many of them played for the same head coach in the prime years of their career?

Answer: 8 of 8. Brady---Belichick; P. Manning---Dungy; E.Manning---Coughlin; Roethlisberger---Tomlin; Wilson---Carroll; Flacco---J. Harbaugh; Rodgers---McCarthy; Brees---Payton.

Note: of those who are still playing---6 of 7 are still with their head coaches.

You want to win a Super Bowl?

1. Draft a QB, preferrably in Round 1.

2. Keep him with the same head coach.

3. Stick with him through the growing pains.

4. Surround him with a good supporting cast.

5. Stay true to the course.

Does it matter if the head coach is offensive minded?

Answer: No.

Just ask Bill Belichick, Tony Dungy, Mike Tomlin, Pete Carroll and John Harbaugh.