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Arizona Cardinals Two Round Mock Draft

How does a two round mock draft for the Arizona Cardinals play out?

Oklahoma v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

With the NFL offseason in full swing, mock drafts are plentiful. We have had several on this here website, while also covering a number from around the web.

One thing that we try to do that no one else does is run through different scenarios that could play out in the draft.

Fan Speak is a mock draft simulator and does a nice job of giving you different scenarios to work through.

Last week, we drafted Quenton Nelson as he fell and Deon Cain as he rose. Who do we take this week?

This is the nightmare.

You have players like Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson (by the way Jackson > Allen) who 15 seems rich for, but the QB tax... Then you have players that are very good but don’t address immediate need, Roquan Smith, Derwin James, Vita Vea, Marcus Davenport or you have players at deep positions, Billy Price and Calvin Ridley.

Ridley seems like a no-brainer, but I don’t know if you can justify taking a wide receiver while, on this day, the Cardinals have no answer at quarterback. Yes, they’ll have one come game day and Ridley automatically makes the Cardinals receiving unit better.

I just can’t wait in this scenario and I am taking who I think is the top quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft:

Round 1 Pick 15 - Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

The Cardinals get a dynamic playmaker who can be the long term answer at quarterback.

They bypass “safer” players and probably take Jackson a little too high, but if all the other quarterbacks are gone, Mayfield went 1, Darnold 2 and Rosen 5, then you either take the one that falls, or hope one makes it to you in round two.

The Cardinals have lived by this philosophy every draft and we see where that has got them.

Round two was why I passed Calvin Ridley. I think when it is all said and done Ridley will be my top wide receiver, but not by a wide enough margin to justify a pick at 15 with Jackson, again at least for me, available.

Tight end, linebacker, cornerback, running back and offensive lineman are all available, but I am taking the wide receiver I have liked the most the last two seasons:

Round 2 Pick 47 - James Washington, WR, Oklahoma St

This is the dynamic duo the Cardinals could use, on paper, to make the next couple of seasons go by a little easier as they make the transition from Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald.

The talent in round two was much more difficult to make a decision on than in round one, quite frankly, at least for me.

What would you have done?