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Thursday Night Open Thread: Who is your favorite non-superstar in the NFL?

Who's your favorite NFL journeyman?

Houston Texans v New Orleans Saints Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Every year in the NFL hundreds of new players flood in from the draft and free agency.

Some make it big, others flame out, but many stick around non-descriptly for a long time.

That’s my question for you tonight. Who is your favorite NFL player/journeyman?

No, not a player that’s been in the league forever but was a star at one time or was a high draft pick who just stuck around, Blaine Gabbert.

I mean a day three guy and undrafted free agent who has carved out a nice long career.

Mine is easy.

It’s former Arizona Cardinals 2012 NFL Draft pick Senio Kelemete.

I loved Kelemete’s game coming out of Washington. He was a mauler with a nasty streak.

He needed work, refinement, but looked like the type of long time backup the NFL needs at offensive line.

Instead, the Cardinals cut him after Bruce Arians was hired, Kelemete was out of the league in 2013 and has been a backup, part-time starter for the New Orleans Saints since 2014.

A five year career with 22 starts for a fifth round pick isn’t bad.

What’s better, he’s 27 and likely to get another 3-4 years worth of contracts that will likely double his career earnings.

He’s a guy I root for and love watching play when he gets his chance.

How about you?