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Arizona Cardinals 2018 NFL Draft Picks

All the Arizona Cardinals draft picks for the 2018 NFL Draft.

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The compensatory picks are set and the Arizona Cardinals now know their draft order for the 2018 NFL Draft and where they will pick, as of now, in each round.

Here are the Cardinals picks for the 2018 NFL Draft:

Round 1 - 15 overall
Round 2 - 47 overall (15th in round 2)
Round 3 - 79 overall (15th in round 3)
Round 3 - 97 overall (33rd in round 3)
Round 4 - 134 overall (34 in round 4)
Round 5 - 152 overall (15th in round 5)
Round 7 - 254 overall (36th in round 7)

The Cardinals lost two picks in the sixth round thanks to Adrian Peterson, which is the toll for his trade from the New Orleans Saints.

When you look at the Cardinals, they have four top 100 picks, but then just three day three picks and none in what would be called a pivotal position.

That means if they are wanting to move up in the first or second, it’ll be their day two picks or a future pick more than any day three picks this season.