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Tyrann Mathieu's tweets about gambling on himself

The former All Pro is betting on himself, whatever that means.

Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Tweets are always a bit deceiving especially when they come from one Tyrann Mathieu of the Arizona Cardinals.

However, reading into tweets has never gone poorly, ever. In fact, it’s probably the safest thing to do as an editor.

That’s why when Tyrann Mathieu tweeted out yesterday this cryptic tweet, it caught everyone’s attention:

Is Mathieu talking about his contract?

It can be interpreted one of two ways if he is:

  1. He’s restructuring his contract in a way that allows him to make all the money he’s owed, but losing the guarantees in it.
  2. He’s going to be released and he’s gambling on himself by doing so.

I’m hoping by the tone, he is going to be restructuring his contract, not giving up any of the money he may be able to earn, but letting go some of the guarantees in that contract that everyone seems so hung up on.

If it’s him refusing to take the restructure and instead betting on himself in free agency… I’ll miss him as a player and personality. He’s been fantastic to watch.

Whatever it is… It means something… unless it means nothing.