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New England Patriots News and Notes heading into Super Bowl LII

All you need to know coming from the Patriots heading into Super Bowl LII.

NFL: Super Bowl LII-New England Patriots Press Conference Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The final game of the 2017 NFL season is here and it is Super Bowl LII and the New England Patriots are in it.

For what seems like the yearly tradition, the Patriots find themselves in the NFL’s biggest game.

Here is all the news you need from the last two weeks from SB Nations New England Patriots site, Pats Pulpit.

Super Bowl 2018: The Eagles will stress the Patriots linebackers all game with the RPO - Pats Pulpit
Kyle Van Noy, Elandon Roberts, and Marquis Flowers will need big games.

Breaking down Patriots offense vs Eagles defense in Super Bowl LII - Pats Pulpit
Led by Malcolm Jenkins and the front four, the Eagles have a formidable defense... with some holes to exploit

Patriots wide receiver Kenny Britt on the verge of literally going worst-to-first - Pats Pulpit
The veteran started the season on the Cleveland Browns.

As opposed to the offense, Patriots defense starts well into Super Bowls - Pats Pulpit
While Bill Belichick's offense has not scored a point to open a title game, his defense has given up only 13.

Super Bowl 2018: Patriots have twice as many undrafted players as the Eagles - Pats Pulpit
Bill Belichick looks under every rock for talent.

Super Bowl 2018: Here’s how the Patriots will beat the Eagles -
Retired NFL defensive end Stephen White has a track record of making uncannily accurate Super Bowl predictions. Here’s how this year’s game will unfold.

Super Bowl 2018: Patriots, Eagles zagged in recent drafts, NFL zigged -
Of the many factors that have led to Philadelphia and New England making the Super Bowl, drafting and draft strategy remains the most mysterious, so let’s look at their unique abilities to build contenders each spring.

Super Bowl film review: Patriots will have hands full with Eagles offense on 3rd down - Pats Pulpit
Breaking down the Eagles’ stellar third down play calling and how the Patriots can stop it.

Bill Belichick putting Devin McCourty on same level as greatest-ever Patriots - Pats Pulpit
The Patriots All Pro defensive back is one of the best players in franchise history.

Super Bowl 52: 6 under-the-radar Eagles players to watch against Patriots - Pats Pulpit
Those six players could play big roles in the Super Bowl.

2018 Super Bowl: Tom Brady shares what he thinks is the core identity of this Patriots team - Pats Pulpit
The Patriots overcame a few significant losses to reach the Super Bowl.

6 things the Patriots need to do to defeat the Eagles in Super Bowl 52 - Pats Pulpit
In order to defeat the Eagles on Sunday, there are a few things the Patriots need to do.

The Eagles have a secret weapon at tight end that could give the Patriots problems - Pats Pulpit
The Eagles have three tight ends that can stress the Patriots defense.

Super Bowl 2018: Constructing a defensive game plan for the Patriots vs the Eagles - Pats Pulpit
If the Patriots bet against Nick Foles, they can shut down this offense

Danny Amendola will reinforce the importance of the Patriots slot receiver position in the Super Bowl - Pats Pulpit
When in doubt, the slot receiver will produce.

Everybody that plays for the Patriots is overworked, underpaid, and has a Super Bowl ring - Pats Pulpit
"Everybody hates the Patriots, right?"

Patriots vs Eagles: Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski should have huge games in the Super Bowl - Pats Pulpit
The Eagles secondary has some glaring weaknesses.