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Super Bowl LII: Who are you cheering for in the big game?

Who are you cheering for?

Super Bowl LII - Previews Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Super Bowl LII will kick off in about five hours and the question for all Arizona Cardinals fans is simple.

Who are you rooting for?

It is a question you ask yourself before every Super Bowl that the Cardinals haven’t played in, so 50 of the 51 played and this one is especially interesting.

Many fans, myself included would love for a change in the NFL hierarchy, ridding us if the greatest franchise in modern football history, the New England Patriots.

On the other hand, many Cardinals fans have been loathing the Philadelphia Eagles since their time as part of the NFC East when they had to put up with the Eagles and their fanbase twice a season.

For me, I’d love to see the Philadelphia Eagles win a Super Bowl, especially with Nick Foles at the helm.

The Eagles fans are absurd, well maybe 50-60% of them, but the other ones are like Cardinals fans… just waiting for a chance to see their team win the one that matters.

I’ll never hate on Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and the Patriots, and maybe a win would send them off into the sunset forever, but give me the upset and the finale to an improbable Super Bowl run.