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Philadelphia Eagles end Super Bowl drought and give Arizona Cardinals hope of a quick turnaround

The Cardinals could mimic the Eagles quick turnaround from Chip Kelly to Super Bowl champs.

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

For 52 years, Cardinals fans have waited.

Like Philadelphia Eagles fans, they have been beaten down by the NFC East, lost heart breakers in the Super Bowl and come up short in seasons that feel like, this is the one.

Then, when things looked like they couldn’t get any better, like this could be the year, the Eagles lost Carson Palmer Wentz and it looked like a lost season.

Last night, the Philadelphia Eagles, for the first time in their franchises long history, won a Super Bowl.

We also see that the Cardinals have a chance if they find the right mix. The Eagles had been fantastic defensively throughout the playoffs, last night they were not. Instead, they leaned on their backup quarterback.

If you go back to when Doug Pederson was hired by the Philadelphia Eagles, no one saw something to get excited about it.

They saw an Andy Reid disciple who had little experience play calling. Yet, in the hire, the turnover of the Eagles roster post Chip Kelly, they had new life.

The Cardinals are not down, trying to recover from a failed experiment like the Eagles were.

However, they’ll need Steve Wilks to be equally as brilliant. They’ll need Wilks to delegate the offense completely to Mike McCoy, much like Pederson has the Eagles defense.

Wilks will need to give Al Holcomb his input, but give him the freedom to be great, like Pederson has with the Eagles offensive staff, who is the who’s who of coaches in the NFL.

The Cardinals turn around can be similar to the Eagles.

They need a quarterback to get them there, but it doesn’t have to be a Carson Wentz, it doesn’t have to be a Tom Brady, but it has to be someone they can game plan in and around. Much like the Eagles did on their run with Nick Foles (and no I don't think Foles is the answer).

More than anything, the Cardinals need to build on what Bruce Arians started.

They need to give their fans faith that they are next.