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Arizona Fitz Foles

Why paying the steep price for Nick Foles makes sense for the Arizona Cardinals.

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

If there is one team looking for a veteran starting QB to sign to a 4-5 year deal that should appeal to Nick Foles, it is the Arizona Cardinals.

Reasons Why a Trade to Arizona Should Appeal to Foles:

* Starter from day 1 and the next 4-5 years, possibly more.

* Both he and his wife, Tori Moore, went to University of Arizona, where they met.

* Perfect location, family-wise: Tori from Brea, CA (33 miles SE of LA), Nick from Austin, TX. Much closer to their families and their alma mater. Big consideration now that they have their daughter Lily.

* Mike McCoy is a good match as OC. Would cater the offense to Foles’ strengths.

* Gets to pass to a HOFer in Fitz.

* Gets to feed a budding superstar RB/WR in David Johnson.

* Gets a potentially dominant defense under Wilks and Holcomb.

* Warmer climate.

Some are saying that the Eagles won’t trade Foles because of the uncertainty as to when Carson Wentz is able to return---but when you look closer at their situation it would make sense to trade him asap.

Reasons Why the Eagles Should Trade Foles asap:

* The Eagles are up against the cap and this would save them $7M.

* Foles’ stock will never be higher.

* Wentz won’t have to deal with the pressure of having a revered Super Bowl MVP along side him.

* Wentz is way ahead of schedule to return.

* They like QB Nate Sudfeld, whom they have been grooming behind Wentz and Foles.

* They could also re-sign Chase Daniel or another backup for cheap.

* They could get a 1st round pick (#15 from Cardinals).

For those who are saying no way to giving up the #15 pick---the Cardinals were going to have to draft a QB there anyway, and with Foles, he puts the Cardinals immediately back in contention for the next 4-5 years or more.

There will be competition for Foles---early 2nd round picks---but if the Cardinals are going to beat the competition they would have to put the #15 pick on the table. Would the Browns, Broncos or Jets give up the #4, #5 or #6 pick for Foles? Likely not. They could offer a package of picks starting with their early 2nd rounders---but hey if you are the Eagles and you can pick up the #15 pick---you take it, plus a 1st rounder gives them a young starter for 5 years, not 4.

If we have learned anything about acquiring a QB...the Cardinals have to push their chips to the middle of the table. If they think they can keep trying to defer the decision until the 2nd round or at a bargain price, they wind up where the Cardinals are now, without a QB and a clear direction.

Added Reasons for Cardinals to trade for Foles:

* Creates a huge buzz heading into the season.

* They get an experienced QB who has performed brilliantly on the brightest stage.

* They can play Foles for $8M in his first year (use cap space to build the OL, WR, TE spots around him) and have a 4 year extension in place.

* They won’t have to pay the $28M+ a year that Kirk Cousins is asking for.

* The last time the Cardinals signed a Super Bowl MVP, he took them to their 1st Super Bowl.

Today on his show, Dan Bickley is also of the mindset that the Cardinals offer the Eagles the #15 pick. He asks the perfect question: “If you don’t want Kirk Cousins...and you don’t want Nick Foles, of the QBs who are available, who do you want?”