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What will the Arizona Cardinals do at linebacker moving forward?

What do the Arizona Cardinals do with Deone Bucannon?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the hire of Steve Wilks, the addition of Al Holcomb as defensive coordinator and the likelihood of some new looks on defense, the question for the Arizona Cardinals becomes, how much do they like what they already have?

In the sense of positional groups, when you look at the Cardinals a potential move to a 4-3, either this year or over the course of a couple seasons under Wilks, asks the question about the Cardinals linebackers.

Obviously Haason Reddick is here, you can’t move on from Reddick already, no matter if a new coach likes him or not (by the way, all accounts are that Wilks likes Reddick).

However, what about Deone Bucannon? Is he a fit in Wilks system? Would the Cardinals really be in the market to pay him his $8 million + in salary for 2018 or would they look to extend him at a more reasonable salary for a longer time?

Or, maybe something unlikely but still needing to be talked about, could they move on from Buccanon altogether?

If Wilks feels that Bucannon’s size and injury history are a detriment, would he push for Steve Keim to move on and get him a more traditional linebacker?

What if they keep Buccanon to pair with Reddick, they still technically need another linebacker.

Could the Cardinals really invest a third first round pick on an off ball linebakcer like Roquan Smith or Tremaine Edmunds at 15?

How the linebacker position unfolds will be something to watch. It has been one of the most heavily invested, along with the offensive line, positions for the Cardinals, so you have to wonder what is the cost factor involved in getting a new linebacker and where he will come from.