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2018 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: James Daniels, Iowa

The Arizona Cardinals need offensive line help, could James Daniels be a fit?

NCAA Football: North Texas at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

James Daniels - Center
Iowa - Junior
6’3’’, 295 Pounds

Strongest offensive line class in quite a bit of time, and I’m totally okay with saying that. You could legitimately see nine offensive linemen go in the first two rounds of this draft. A surprise entry for the draft, James Daniels is coming from Iowa, which has a history of producing talented lineman. I would love his pedigree.

Strengths: James Daniels versatility is unbelievable, playing both guard positions and center with the ability to succeed at all of those positions. Plays the run game like a mauler and seems to read a blitz in time. Not one to get bull-rushed, and athletic enough to play the next level of the defense. Athleticism is off the charts, as he has lower body strength that would squat a car. If you need an immediate plug-and-play guard, James Daniels can be that guy, and seems unselfish about communication.

Weaknesses: When climbing to the next level, James Daniels seems to struggle against fast linebackers. Extends his arms too much, so much so that he seems to have one holding call a game. That has more to do with the technical part of the game, tends to overthink on passing plays, and typically plays bullish when he needs to pull.

Cardinals Summary: I was impressed with A.Q. Shipley, but at some point, you need to have a permanent mainstay at center. You don’t even have to play him at center, as he could be a right guard for us, and probably still play at a consistent level. Overall, my type of lineman who’s tenacious with his run blocking.

Projected: Late 1st-2nd Round
Stats: None
Pro Comparison: Jason KelcePhiladelphia Eagles