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Arizona Cardinals 2017 rookie class gets average marks for first year

The Cardinals rookies were average according to in 2017.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have had a problem, especially the last two seasons.

In 2016 they drafted poorly and have gotten little to nothing from that entire draft class, thank goodness for the Chandler Jones trade.

Well, the 2017 draft didn’t look all that much better. is releasing their grades for the rookies in 2017.

They were not kind to the Arizona Cardinals:

The Cardinals choosing not to take a quarterback in any round of last year’s draft was pure negligence... Arizona is starting wholly from scratch at the game’s most important position in 2018, but the Cardinals could have prepared for this fate in 2017. Baker was a fine addition to a stellar safety trio, perhaps the league’s best. Arizona fared well outside of the draft, stealing Seals-Jones from the undrafted FA heap. Jury’s out on Reddick, who needs more snaps at one position next season. GRADE: C-

This is fair. Budda Baker was the only saving grace in year one of the Arizona Cardinals rookies, while Ricky Seals-Jones had a hot stretch and then kind of faded away.

The Cardinals need their last two rookie classes to step up and perform at a better level moving forward, but in year one, the Cardinals 2017 class was just... average.