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Arizona Cardinals were in on Tyrod Taylor per report

The Cardinals had interest in Tyrod Taylor, but the price may have been too high.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

With the Cleveland Browns turning the NFL world upside down the question becomes what is going on with the Arizona Cardinals.

Well, according to reports the Arizona Cardinals were one of three teams making inquiries into acquiring Tyrod Taylor, it’s just that the Cleveland Browns were willing to give up a third round pick.

This is not a surprise, Tyrod Taylor fit the bill of what the Arizona Cardinals and new head coach Steve Wilks wanted. Someone to keep the offense on time, someone who didn’t turn the ball over and someone who could make a big play when needed.

However, one thing we know about Steve Keim is, he has to feel like he is winning a trade. Even if he was willing to give up a third, he couldn’t compete with the Browns giving up their first third round pick, pick 65. Likely, Keim didn’t feel like 47 was worth giving up for Taylor.

If he is it right, we’ll know soon, if Taylor helps the Browns turn it around after he did the same with the Buffalo Bills, then maybe it would have been worth it.