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Kirk Cousins free agency recruiting will be quite unique per reports

The Arizona Cardinals will be looking to make a play for Kirk Cousins, but wont be able to do it in the normal fashion.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL’s recruitment of Kirk Cousins will be unusual to say the least.

There are now, allegedly, only three teams remaining in the running.

The Minnesota Vikings seem to be the favorites, while the New York Jets can offer more money than anyone. The Arizona Cardinals are the final suitor and while they can’t offer an NFC Championship roster or a blank check, they have been quite the recruiters in the offseason. Of course, who knows maybe the Denver Broncos are still in it, but none of that really matters.

According to reports though, he won’t be doing the normal free agency tour:

That could be an issue for the Cardinals, since they won’t be able to show off not only the weather, but the facilities that accompany a move to Arizona. Although, it won’t benefit the Vikings who will now not be able to show off their amazing new building or the Jets to take Cousins out on the town in New York.

Maybe that’s the plan for Cousins all along, to make this purely a football decision and not let the outside factors make a difference.

If this is accurate, does this help or hurt the Arizona Cardinals?