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Arizona Cardinals out on Andrew Norwell per report

The Cardinals are unlikely to be a match with the free agent All Pro guard.

Carolina Panthers vs  New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

When NFL Free Agency gets going, things move rapidly and that includes the ever-changing free agent priority lists.

In something that could be deemed common sense, but was a bit of a report yesterday, the Arizona Cardinals were going to target Andrew Norwell and Kirk Cousins in free agency:

Well, after the first day of the tampering period, it seems as though they are not in on Norwell anymore.

This was always the case with Norwell, as Kent Somers succinctly pointed out:

Interest, targeting, these are words that mean, they have a price they’ll pay, they’re not going over it.

That seemed to be the case with the Tyrod Taylor trade, it was the case with the trade up in the 2017 NFL Draft that they balked at and it is going to be the case, likely, in both the Norwell and Cousins deals.

They have a price they’re willing to negotiate at. After that, it’s onto the next guy.

It may be the right thing to do at this point, while they ready themselves for a better and more fruitful 2019, especially in free agency.