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Drew Brees to remain with New Orleans Saints per report

Another quarterback is off the market for the Arizona Cardinals

New Orleans Saints v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As the opening day of free agency peaks at us from right around the corner, one of the biggest names in the NFL appears to be remaining with his current team.

It didn’t seem like Drew Brees was going to be moving on in free agency, until the tampering window opened and the Minnesota Vikings made that phone call.

Now, though, it appears that was all just a mirage, as reports are surfacing that the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees have agreed on a two year extension worth close to $50 million.

If the numbers from Andy Holloway are correct and Brees is getting only $24 million a year, that has to feel like a bargain compared to the numbers being kicked around for not only Kirk Cousins, but Case Keenum and A.J. McCarron.

That also puts the Minnesota Vikings back in control of the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes. Whether or not you want Cousins in Arizona, going to Minnesota is probably the worst case scenario for the Cardinals, because it means a team like the Jets are not signing him and instead focusing on other free agents, or worse, the draft.

We’ll see how this plays out, but with Buffalo trading up to 12 and if New Orleans keeps Brees and the Vikings end up with Cousins, the Cardinals will have a some work to do to get their guy, whoever that is.