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NFL media and players react to Sam Bradford contract and are not enthused

The critics were vocal about the Arizona Cardinals giving Sam Bradford a potential $20 million deal.

Minnesota Vikings v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

With the Arizona Cardinals being the fourth team to give Sam Bradford a chance, the reactions on social media were truly interesting to behold.

On one hand, you have to like a guy getting another chance in the NFL, someone who has battled and overcome adversity, on the other hand, you understand the saltiness that can come from the fact that Sam Bradford has earned more money over his career than Aaron Rodgers.

There's not a lot of public positive perception on this move for the Arizona Cardinals.

Maybe that's a good thing for Arizona. While the rest of the NFC West gets loaded up, the Cardinals are doing a nice job and hanging back to get ready for a re-tool.

It won't be popular outside the Cardinals fan base and likely won't make Cardinals fans very happy. Yet, when you look at where the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers are right now, the Cardinals are not in a place to compete right away financially with them.

Bradford offers them a competent and competitive player at an average rate. He'll perform well if on the field.

Now, about that last part...