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Arizona Cardinals and players from around NFL react to news of Tyrann Mathieu's release

The former Arizona Cardinals defensive back is beloved around the league.

Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

With the departure of Tyrann Mathieu finally here, the takes are flying.

The reality is that fans that had become accustomed to an elite level of play by Mathieu don’t realize how well he still was playing.

No, he was not the All Pro Honey Badger that had earned a large contract extension, but he was a talented player.

Moreover, he was a player who galvanized the Arizona Cardinals locker room.

He was a player that younger players looked up to and aspired to be and older players respected and wanted on their team.

This has never been questioned. So, when it came out that this was the end in Arizona, that the 25 year old All Pro defensive back would not be back in the desert again, the outpouring of love and respect to Mathieu from his teammates and former teammates was amazing to see.

No matter what you think of Tyrann Mathieu, he still had that admiration of his teammates and opponents around the league.