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Arizona Cardinals moves at quarterback set the stage for one more in the 2018 NFL Draft

The Cardinals added two quarterbacks and look like they could add a third in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Reese's Senior Bowl Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals are close to filling out their quarterback room for 2018.

When Sam Bradford passes his physical and signs his contract, the Cardinals will have put together a respectable, if not slightly uninspiring depth chart heading into the 2018 NFL Draft.

That’s where, in my estimation, they’ll be filling the final piece of their quarterback puzzle.

In fact, based on their signings and the length of the deals involved, a basic one and one deal for Bradford, with a straight two-year deal for Mike Glennon.

It screams that the Arizona Cardinals have identified that this is, in fact the year to draft a quarterback.

With what has happened combined with talking to some people and parsing information together, there seems to be three players that could fit the bill.

The first is Josh Allen in a likely trade up scenario. This would be a huge move from Steve Keim, one we have not seen him willing to make in previous years. However, maybe the contract extension and new staff, plus understanding that they’ll have big money in the 2019 free agent market, makes the idea of moving up more palatable.

The second scenario is that the Cardinals remain at 15 or trade back in the draft to grab Mason Rudolph. Or, maybe trade back into first round and pick Rudolph.

The final scenario, the third player I’ve heard positive things about is Kyle Lauletta.

Lauletta would be a guy you can probably get on late day two.

All three players would need a year plus to get ready to take over a team and guess what the Arizona Cardinals have in their quarterbacks they just signed? A two year plan.

Maybe it doesn’t work out, but it seems like the Cardinals understand that this year, needs to be the year they take a quarterback and they have done as much as possible to give him time to get prepared.