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Arizona Cardinals Bring WR Jordan Matthews In For A Visit

The 25 year old receiver believes he is healthy and ready to contribute

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

After Larry Fitzgerald, the Arizona Cardinals have seen a high amount of turnover at their second WR spot ever since Anquan Boldin left the team.

Steve Breaston, Early Doucet, Andre Roberts, Michael Floyd, John Brown and J.J. Nelson have all come into the role and all have mightily struggled outside of a good few years from Floyd.

With John Brown leaving to the Ravens in free agency, the team has needed some help at wide receiver, so it’s no surprise that they are bringing in a free agent with upside in for a visit, per Arizona Sports’ Mike Jurecki:

Only 25 years old, Matthews seemed like he was going to be a star following a season with the Philidelphia Eagles where he caught 85 passes for 997 yards and 8 TD’s (from Eagles QB Sam Bradford at the time, as it were).

However, he struggled with injuries during his time in Philly which came to a head after he left to the Buffalo Bills and didn’t hit 800 yards for the first time in his career, starting only 7 games for 282 yards and a lone touchdown.

He’s not been thought of by many with the missed time, but there is some upside with him.

First, his age at 25 years old and coming off an injury means he could be a low-risk, high-reward type of investment.

Secondly, Matthews believes that his injury history was due to Philadelphia doctors “mishandling” his injury situation:

In a Sirius NFL Radio interview Tuesday, via The Buffalo News, Matthews said:

”I think the worst and most frustrating thing about the whole situation was, when I got to Buffalo, I was still dealing with the things that I had to get surgery on,” Matthews. “But I had two really bad diagnoses on the knee and the ankle, so going into the trade, I thought they were both things that were going to heal on their own. But once I got around Buffalo’s doctors, they got me in touch with the right people and then I got really good feedback.

”We ended up finding out there were other things that I was dealing with, so the thumb was definitely upsetting, the chest was upsetting. But what’s crazy was when they ended up doing my surgery on my knee, they actually told me that, ‘Man, it’s a good thing that you didn’t play more games, you didn’t practice more, because you needed to come here and get this procedure done as soon as possible.’ So, if anything, it was a blessing in disguise. I don’t regret any of the times that happen. I think it honestly has just made me a stronger person, it’s going to make me a better player.”

What’s also fascinating about Matthews is that, statistically, his production would seem to indicate he might have more upside than many of the other options on the free agent market.

What are your thoughts, Cardinals fans?

Do you think that Matthews is worth adding in free agency? Is the the answer to the #2 Wide Receiver position for Arizona?

Sound off in the comments!

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