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New York Jets make big move up to third overall pick

The Jets are made a move up in the 2018 NFL Draft, setting the market for the rest of the league.

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2018 NFL Draft only 40 days away, the Arizona Cardinals are now even further away from landing the top draft prospects they may covet.

While the New York Jets were already ahead of the Cardinals at the sixth pick, after a big trade with the Indianapolis Colts, they’ll have a better chance at getting the guy they want at the third pick.

The price to move up just three spots was incredibly high, and shows that the Cardinals, if they want one of the top quarterbacks will be paying quite bounty in terms of picks.

To go from 15 to the second pick, the place the Cardinals would have to get to in order to guarantee the quarterback they want is there.

Think about the cost for the Rams to move from 15 to one two years ago:

first-round pick (2016), two second-round picks (2016), a third-round pick (2016), a first-round pick (2017) and another third-round pick (2017).

The Cardinals don’t even have that many picks to give up right now, so it would likely cost their first in 2018, a second in 2018, both thirds in 2018 and a first in 2019 and a second in 2019.

They could move up to four, but that doesn’t guarantee who will be there and it would likely cost a similar price: 2018 first, second and third and a 2019 first and third.

The prices are steep.

We’re unlikely to see the Cardinals pay it now… but who knows.