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Arizona Cardinals can benefit from Sam Bradford if they draft a quarterback

The veteran gives them time to grow a new quarterback if they draft one.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Sam Bradford The Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

It is early in the offseason but the headline deals have been made and the grades, think pieces and ripping of teams have already started.

I wrote on Friday that the signing of Sam Bradford was for the right price and reasoned moreover that this doesn’t hinder the Arizona Cardinals in their pursuit of a quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Ian Wharton of Bleacher Report took it a step further, explaining that this move could also help the Cardinals in their growth of a young quarterback they may have to reach for at 15 or later in the draft:

Because Arizona failed to land a young quarterback to develop over the last several years, it had no signal-callers entering this offseason. If the Cardinals were picking higher than 15th overall in the draft, they’d likely feel more confident in their ability to select a face of the franchise, but they’re more likely to be choosing from quarterbacks who will need a year or two until they’re ready to hit the field. Instead of signing a career backup like AJ McCarron who may not fend off a rookie, Arizona signed Bradford, who is at worst an average starter who can be an asset if he stays healthy.

That’s the thing people are missing, Bradford allows the Cardinals a little breathing room, if he’s healthy. He’s a league average quarterback who doesn’t make mistakes and allows his team to stay competitive in games.

Drafting a Lamar Jackson or Mason Rudolph or Kyle Lauletta allows you to bring them along slower because of Bradford and you know if Bradford is healthy, he’s a good enough player to keep them off the field.

This is something that doesn’t get talked about enough with the signing.