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Arizona Cardinals meeting with Josh Rosen

The Arizona Cardinals will wine and dine Josh Rosen to get a feel for the quarterback.

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With the Arizona Cardinals sitting at 15th in the 2018 NFL Draft the likelihood of one of the perceived top quarterbacks falling to them is unlikely.

Yet, like the Houston Texans meeting with Lamar Jackson privately despite having just drafted Deshaun Watson, you have to be prepared for any and every scenario that unfolds.

That is why the Arizona Cardinals are meeting with likely top five selection Josh Rosen.

Despite reports that the Cardinals were “disappointed” with Rosen’s combine work, they have a three year college career to pull from instead of a handful of throws in shorts and a shirt.

It is the Cardinals responsibility to know if Rosen falls to them at 15, why it is happening and can they deal with whatever the issue is.

That is why you meet with a Josh Rosen, that is why you send your entire decision making staff to Los Angeles to watch Sam Darnold workout in the rain.

Unlikely as it may be, you need to be prepared to pick one of these players if the opportunity presents itself. Because if it does, you’ll be wondering why and that is when mistakes can happen.

It is not surprising that they are meeting with the top quarterbacks, no one knows who is going number one in this draft and if they decide to move up, they better know the quarterback they are getting into bed with.