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How would you rank the Arizona Cardinals free agent offseason moves?

How would you rank the Arizona Cardinals free agent moves so far?

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

With the Arizona Cardinals barreling into free agency and making a rash of changes, it is time to sit back and gander at the work done.

Sam Bradford, QB - The Arizona Cardinals came into the 2018 offseason with no quarterbacks. Steve Keim swung for the fences and fell behind 0-2 as Kirk Cousins and Drew Brees reportedly took less money to go to Minnesota and stay in New Orleans respectively.

Keim choked up and put the ball in play. The problem? We don’t know if he hit a single, a double or broke something trying to leg out a triple.

Mike Glennon, QB - The backup quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals signed a two-year deal, now the Cardinals have a quarterback room with two proven NFL commodities.

Andre Smith, OL - The 31 year-old offensive tackle has battled injuries and ineffectiveness. Now is he playing right tackle or right guard? Cause it seems like Smith is being brought in to start.

Justin Pugh, OL - Pugh was the only player to get a big deal from the Arizona Cardinals in terms of years and salary. Pugh is a versatile and dominant offensive lineman when healthy. Of course, outside of Glennon, every one of these free agent signings come with that warning.

That leaves the question… How would you rank the offseason signings for the Arizona Cardinals?