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How does your division dictate your roster construction?

Do the Arizona Cardinals need to look at their roster building plan again?

Arizona Cardinals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

There is a question that must be asked every season… Does the make up of other teams within your division change how you go about constructing your team?

For instance, outside of the quarterback position, which is a trump card for a lot of teams, does playing against an Antonio Brown twice a season change how much you focus on a cornerback early in the draft?

What about closer to home, the Arizona Cardinals have been in a five-year long battle to fix their offensive line, 2015 was the closest they have come to success, but now they have to face not only Aaron Donald twice a season, but Ndamukong Suh.

Should that change the way the Cardinals look at their own roster and go about the draft?

Now, the Suh signing is for a single year, so it’s not like having to face Antonio Brown or Aarond Donald for the next five or more years, but should the move make the Cardinals reevaluate their offensive line again? They already signed Justin Pugh, a left guard and right tackle in his time with the New York Giants to play... somewhere along the line. Yet, do they need to do more?

Maybe you can get by with Mike Iupati for a year, or maybe you need to reconsider taking a Will Hernandez in the first round. Maybe Andre Smith is the short term answer at right tackle, or maybe taking Mike McGlinchey or Connor Williams would make more sense.

It shouldn’t be reactionary, in the sense that you have to take one, but should the overall makeup of your opponent help guide the Cardinals in their roster construction, or do you stick with the continued approach of building the team you want to have?